Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yep, this whole post is about plums..... Max's first "big boy" plum. As in, no one cut it up in little pieces, and Max chomped the whole thing "summer" style....

Call me crazy, but it was really fun to watch....

Yep, this post is indulgent. But he's mine, and he's adorable.

No go find yourself a summer plum! You know you want one!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Perfect Summer Day

Summer mornings with great friends make me so thankful!

We went to visit Aunt Susie and our little buddies Jack and Molly last week, and they knew just how to cool off when the East Bay heat topped 90!

Max loved having a picnic lunch outside....

and sweet little Molly seemed to be having a great time too!

These boys were clearly plotting something....

and are already true partners in crime!

Thanks for making a summer morning so special Roomie!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Attachment Parenting: What's The Ultimate Goal?

There once was a little girl who stumbled upon three baby chicks hatching from their eggs. Have you ever seen a baby chick hatch? It's a tricky process. And it's not easy. They peck and peck and peck their shell, pushing away each tiny piece until they are finally free. When they emerge they are wet and wobbly, and exhausted from all of their hard work. This little girl had never seen a chick hatch before, so she bent down to try to help one. She carefully peeled away the shell and lifted the little chick out.

And the chick died.

Turns out, when the chick pecks the shell himself, he eats part of the inside of the shell. Something in the shell helps his tiny digestive system to start working. And pecking like hell to get free clears his little chick lungs out, and helps him learn to breathe.

In other words, helping him too much meant that he was never able to grow strong on his own.

I never thought that I would be one of "those" moms. It's easy to have grand philosophies on parenting, when you're not yet a parent. And yet, with little babies come big lessons.

I never thought I'd co-sleep, but it turns out that my son sleeps better when he's next to me. With all of his tummy issues, I could get him to go back to sleep faster if I was there to soothe him before he got too upset. So we took over the guest room, and ultimately bought a big bed for his nursery so that Sean or I could lay with him when he wasn't feeling well. So I guess that makes me a co-sleeping mom.

I never thought that I would hesitate to let someone else watch my son. But other than very close family members and (recently) one phenomenal babysitter, I have kept Max by my side for the past two years. I like being with him. I don't really want him with anyone else. Of course it's nice to have time for myself, but I feel strongly that my job is to be his mom. I didn't quit my job to have someone else watch him grow. I like being the one who watches him peek out from his crib when he wakes up from a nap. I like having lunch together. I like exploring our neighborhood, and having our own inside jokes and silly songs.

I believe that Max is his own little person. That his feelings and needs are just as important as those of the adults around us. Sometimes more so. When he cries, it matters to me. When he is scared, or shy, or silly, or exhausted, it matters to me.

We're buddies, Max and I. And when I step back to look at us, I realize that what I've been doing all along is Attachment Parenting. Treating your child like a human being who is equal to you, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, super-involved parenting looks a lot like ME. Even if I never thought that I looked a lot like Attachment Parenting.

So what does that mean when I'm on the brink of sending my VERY attached son to preschool?

Well, for's only two mornings a week. And just like I never thought that I'd be hippy-crunchy attachment parenting mama, I never thought that I'd be blessed with an extremely outgoing, super social child. My son loves a social atmosphere. Of course, I'll still be creating endless adventures for us when we're together. We'll do playgroups together, and music class, and gymnastics. We'll build blanket forts in the living room and learn about measurements by pouring water all over the deck outside. But my sweet, attached little boy? He needs more than me now. He needs 11 other two year olds, and the chance to learn things from them (like how to drink from a cup, and how to not get your toys stolen...and hopefully not things like how to bite and push). He needs to learn that other grown-ups can keep you safe too. They might not be as wonderful as your Mommy and Daddy, but are special in their own way. They can care about you and treat you well, and you can have grand adventures with them too.

So really, what is the goal of attachment parenting? If you do it well, and you do it right, then isn't the goal for your child to be able to go out into the world....and do well WITHOUT YOU? Isn't attachment parenting truly about letting your child fly? If I've done right by Max, then he will meet new friends and know how to be kind. If we've succeeded, then he will be a good citizen of the world.

This morning, as I sit by myself in the parent's lounge at Max's preschool, I am imagining what he must be doing in his classroom. When I said goodbye to him, he was so busy "cooking" in the play kitchen that he didn't even look up. I gave him a hug, and he squirmed away because he saw that the rice tray was hiding under it's cover and he wanted to explore. I'm hopeful that any tears that come later, when he realizes that I'm gone, will fade quickly as he draws on the strength that attachment parenting has given him, and delights in the task of coloring at the art table, or pounding playdough into "pizza".

As for me? My tears came fast and furious as I stood in the courtyard outside of his classroom. I'm supposed to LEAVE him here? Well shit....who's to say he won't try to sneak out? Don't LOSE him! And when he's thirsty he calls it "Wah" and you need to make sure that he stays hydrated. And don't forget his sunscreen! And he didn't really eat breakfast, so make sure he eats his snack. And hold his hand on the stairs of the jungle gym, because it's really high up! And....

This mama chick will be just a phone call away, waiting to hear how my baby chick pecked the hell out of that shell, and how he's doing just.....fine.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Preschool: A Prologue

Dear Max,

You began like this.... So isn't it just a little understandable that tonight, on the eve of your first day of preschool, I would feel a wave of mixed emotions about sending you off into a community that will be all your own?

The thoughts started coming one by one as your Dad and I sat holding hands at our first "Preschool Parent's Open House". The Director warned us that there would be lots of tears on the first day. She meant yours, but I could feel my eyes start to betray me in a room full of parents, and I had to fight back my own tears. And then she talked about Pajama Day, and having a Teddy Bear Picnic. And music time, and gymnastics time, and water play. Suddenly, your Daddy and I realized that you really are growing up. How lucky you are to have this new adventure!

Last Friday we went to check out your classroom together, and you were IN HEAVEN. You darted from the box of legos to the play kitchen, to the rice table, and back to the airplanes again. You were shocked when you were actually allowed to take the caps off of every single marker, and draw on the huge piece of paper at the art table. You had a cubby with your name on it, and a little fish cut out of construction paper that said your name too. You are one of the many fish that make up this new class. This is your place. I stood a few paces back to watch how you interacted on your own, and it only took a minute before you confidently walked up to your new teacher and asked HER for help....not me. You decided to put the toy airplane in the rice table (where it didn't belong), and pretty soon your new friends were helping you to fill it to the top with rice. You were amazed at the baskets and baskets of sand toys outside, and climbed all through the new play structure and didn't want to leave. My hope is that tomorrow, when you get to stay at preschool by yourself, that you will be so busy having fun that you forget to be sad that I'm not there.

I want you to have this success, Max. You are my smart, social, sweet little boy. You are curious. You are a kind friend. You are everything that I wanted you to be. You have everything that you need to have a wonderful time at your new "school".

When we left your classroom together on Friday I told you how very proud I am of you. "We did it!" I said, and you gave me a "pow". "You're my big boy" I whispered. And I hugged you tight.

You will do so well my love. Congratulations on your new adventure....Mommy and Daddy are stepping on to the sidelines for this one, cheering you on.



Monday, June 13, 2011

Evil Kneivel's Forgotten Son

What's trending now?

Well, for starters, I've decided that parenting a boy means that for the next 18 years I am going to be SCARED TO DEATH. Because Max was apparently born with the instinct to ATTEMPT TO INJURE HIMSELF on a regular basis, and then LAUGH ABOUT IT. Example?

I walk into Max's room and he instructs me to "sit". He points to the beanbag chair that's about 3 feet away from the foot of his bed. 2.5 seconds after I sit down he is on the bed, running towards the end where I'm sitting, and then he throws his arms out and attempts to FLY OFF.

I know, I know...THIS face could cause so much trouble?

The best part? It's the look that he gets on his face a split second before he attempts something INSANE. It's half grin, half are-you-ready-for-this, and a whole lotta impish glee mixed in.
After I caught him (thank god), he decided to try it again. But this time he leaped in the OTHER direction at the last minute. Towards the m-f'ing WINDOW??!!! Of course this Jewish mother has a rule that the window closest to Max's bed must always remain closed. Warm summer nights be damned, the window is way too low and Max is way too curious. So I figured if it stays closed, Max can't fall out. Apparently CRASHING THROUGH the glass is now an option. I caught him by the arm as he flew by, and spent the next 5 minutes explaining "That is NOT funny. We do not do that. We do not laugh when we scare Mommy."

Are you fucking kidding me???? Our two year old GIRL friends are having tea parties right now! They're peacefully feeding their sweet little stuffed animals, while Max is learning to throw things down the stairs to watch them fall and break.

Stupid me, I let Max witness me throwing my hands over my eyes and yelling "Yikes!", and now he likes to cover his own eyes after he does something dangerous, and yell "YI!!". Like after he plays his new game, called "Sit". Max was standing on the edge of his bed holding on to the rail (the one that's supposed to keep him safe), and Daddy told him to "sit". Then Daddy said "No". So now Max stands there, holds the rail, yells "Sit! No!" while LAUGHING AT US, and flings himself backward on the bed. This kid catches some serious air. Does he look behind him to see if there are pillows there? Of course not. Does he check how much room he has so that his head does not rebound into the wall? Really? No. Not once. He just smacks his head against the wall, covers his eyes with his hand, and yells "YI!!!".

Yep, this sweet boy....

Little boys? I guess the best thing about them is that their sweetness is tempered with fearlessness. One minute he's watching you closely,

tucked into a new lookout spot .....

and the next minute he's running full force toward the street.

All of that energy is enough to wear our future X-games superstar out. Being dangerous is EXHAUSTING.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Dear Daddy,

You make me happy.

I'm glad that you're 40.

Wanna know why?

Because it means that you've seen enough of life to know how to be a good Daddy.

We're buddies, me and you. I look for you around every corner. I want to wear my hat like you. I want to work on the computer like you. I want to cook like you.

You make me laugh, and you are the only one who makes me squeal in that high-pitched, losing control way that makes Mommy's heart feel good when she hears us from the other room. Oh yeah, she listens to us through the baby monitor sometimes. Because she loves the way you talk to me, and the secret things that we discuss.

You have faith in me. You know that even though I'm only 2, I'm capable of doing some really big boy things.

We go cool the zoo. And even though I was mostly interested in picking up sticks and climbing fences, you still held me up to see the sights....
I think there's a bear over there on the left.....

I know that as I get older you'll be there to teach me some very important things. Like how to hold a glove and catch a ball...

I'm here to learn Daddy. Anything you want to teach me. As long as I'm by your side,

I can do anything at all.

You and me, Daddy? We're going places.....

Happy Birthday to the guy who takes me for bike rides and goes really fast. The guy who shares my love for blueberries. The guy who calls me "Dude" and "Maximum". The guy who lets me sit in his lap and pretend I'm driving his car. The guy who snuggles with me when I'm trying to fall asleep, and reads me stories like he really cares that "the old lady is whispering hush" for the 22nd time. My Daddy. He's 40 today peeps! And we couldn't be any luckier....because we think he's AMAZING.

We love you Daddy!!!!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ride On

For Mother's Day, Max and Daddy got me a pink beach cruiser. Yeah, I feel pretty swanky riding it. And the best part? Max got this super cool "bike trailer thingy" so that he can ride in style behind our bikes..... Let's just say he LOVES it. As in, tolerates wearing a helmet loves it. Lets Daddy buckle him in loves it. Yells "Go, Go!" and then when you stop your bike to ask him if he's ok he yells "Kay! Go, Go!!" loves it.
I had high expectations for our first "family bike ride". I made Sean take pictures of me in my new silver helmet, sitting pretty on the pink cruiser. We took off down the driveway and headed out to the trail that runs behind our house and along the beach. I'm cruisin, Max is smiling and yelling "Hi" from his little nest in the trailer. It's a gorgeous 60 degrees. And I'm pretty impressed with myself because I can actually ride a bike. It's easier to be impressed with yourself when you have low expectations. So there we are, the picture of perfect family togetherness, and suddenly the wind picks up. And Sean points out to me that "It might be a little harder for you to pedal into the wind since you don't have any gears on your bike". Gears? Different speeds? This thing doesn't even have hand brakes, you just pedal backwards to stop like you did on your tricycle when you were five. But hey folks, it looks cool, and's pink! Guess how much that matters when you're being hit by gale force winds while you're pedaling like MAD to keep up with your husband and baby son who are now dissapearing into the distance? Um, it doesn't. And those of you who know me know that I do not exercise. No, really. Not ever. But I'll be damned if I am going to get off of this bike and WALK. IT. Not me. I did a 17 mile bike ride when I was 4 days pregnant people. Had no idea that the little guy was with me then, and honestly, had no idea that our bike ride was going to be 17 fucking miles up and down hills, but I couldn't stop then and I wasn't going to stop now. So after finally catching up with Sean, and yelling into the wind "Really?! You bought me a bike with ONE SPEED???" to which he replied "But it's PINK!!", we headed home. "You want to do a few laps around the neighborhood?" he asked. "Ummmm....I think Max's helmet is falling over his eyes" I said.....probably time to go home. And catch my breath.
Stay off the road folks, the Simon family is headed to a bike trail near you!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sweet Miss Molly Ann is Here!

On June 1st, our dear friends Susie, Matt, and big brother Jack welcomed the darling Molly Ann Weiss into the world!!! Since Jack and Max were born a mere 5 days apart, I wasn't exactly able to make it to the hospital in time when he was born. You know, recovering from a c-section and parenting a newborn and all. But THIS time, I was determined to be there to welcome Molly and give her brave mama a huge hug.

My roomie is a birthing MACHINE. This woman is strong, beautiful, and way tougher than I could ever imagine myself to be. I was so blessed to be there to celebrate with them, and I have to laugh at this picture because here Sus just birthed this gorgeous little girl, and she's letting ME hold her :) Had to get my baby snuggles in....Miss Molly is just SO cute!

And big brother Jack? He was so kind and sweet to his new little sister, and gave her the nicest kisses and hugs...

Proud Papa Matt gets a lot of credit too....not just for driving the back road to a random hospital at 3 am (apparently a full moon means that every hospital within 50 miles was completely full with women in labor), but for being such a warm, doting, PRESENT dad. All. The. Time.

And for being kinda funny too....

This little girl is going to change some lives, I'm sure of it....

So Weiss family, from our hearts to yours, we wish you endless adventures as you begin this new journey as a family of FOUR. We wish you laughter, warm summer nights in the backyard, the joys of experiencing all of those "baby firsts", and yes Sus, some frilly flower hairclips, pink tutus, and shiny black maryjanes. Matt, you are SO SCREWED.

But most of all, we wish you endless love, abounding joy, and well.....some sleep......

CONGRATULATIONS DEAR FRIENDS! We are so thrilled for you!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why Not?

In our house, we are easily entertained. Max is using tongs to pluck magnets off the fridge. Why? Why not?

He's also rearranging the pantry. And if you haven't noticed, he does some of his best "lining up the raisin boxes" in his jammies. Please don't think I never dress him. These pictures just happen to be taken early in the morning. And five minutes later I let him dump all the raisins out on the floor. I told Sean that it was because I was teaching Max how to count them. But really, it was because I was trying to get something done in the kitchen and it bought me 5 minutes of peace.

Where does he come up with this stuff?

And last but not was finally time to say goodbye to 6DAD. When we first got this car, it was before I was pregnant. But the license plate showed up in the mail....and it said 6DAD. "What could that mean?" we wondered....would we have 6 kids? Then I got pregnant, and was due in June.....ahh hah! June! It meant our baby would arrive in June! Except he came early. In May. Oh was just funny that Sean has been driving around a "Dad" car for the past 3+ years. And now it's gone :(

But now Sean's REALLY a Dad. And that's even better.