Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving in San Diego

In the Silverstein-Vaccaro-Moncrieff family, we celebrate Thanksgiving with not one, but two Thanksgiving dinners! Here are Aunt Jeri and Nancy with Feast #1 at Nancy and Katie's house.

The Vaccaros know how much I love my blue cheese...every year Grandma Betty makes my favorite Pear Salad with Blue Cheese....yum!!!

This year we surprised them with our baby news, which meant that I had to pass up my perfect piece of blue cheese....AND the blue cheese/pecan dip that they had bought with me in mind!

Kim, Scott, and Katie with Grandma Betty

Here we are awaiting Feast #2, at my Mom and Peter's house. We were joined by Jill, Patty, and Jim. It was extra special to have Patty there, because Patty and her boys were some of our first friends when I was a baby!

Baubee presents Feast #2!

Mom's world famous Sweet Potato Casserole...this has been a major "pregnancy craving"...perfect timing!


Kim, Aunt Katie, and Uncle Scott

Sean and his little-sis-in-law

We had such a wonderful time visiting everyone in San Diego! We have so much to be thankful for, and loved sharing our news with family and friends. We are blessed to have such warm, loving, supportive families!

Baubee's Corner

A note from Baubee, our guest author: This past weekend I got to see Kim and Sean for the first time since they learned they are having a baby. Peter and I were both struck by how absolutely beautiful Kim looks – not that she isn’t always beautiful – but being pregnant has really made her even more gorgeous. Her tummy is just beginning to show and she looks adorable. She and Sean seem so happy and in love. Seeing them together was just a joy. It is amazing to think that “my baby” is having a baby! I am so excited to be a part of their journey and I am looking forward to becoming a real Baubee! What an incredible adventure they are about to have! This is the most exciting experience and I know that Kim and Sean are going to be amazing parents!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We were so excited to finally tell everyone in San Diego our big news! Take a look at how Grandma Nancy, Aunt Katie, Great Grandma Betty, Great Grandpa Mel, and Rose found out....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Becoming a Woman

Note: This post is not intended for impressionable readers under 18!

Today was the day that marked my official passage from angst-ridden, rebellious young woman to mature adult. I took my belly-button ring out today.

I had known for a while that this day would come, and figured that it would be a proper trade-off. I mean, I'm growing a human being inside of me. It's time to let the tiny piece of jewelry meet the same fateful demise as 2 am Taco Bell binges with my Roomie after wearing matching miniskirts and chain belts to the Grad and dancing all night. But that didn't mean that I wasn't sad about it. About a year ago, I told Sean that I was going to take it out, for good. "Why?" he said. "It's kinda cool". Then last night I realized that my tummy was starting to grow, and the ring didn't look too happy to be growing with it. After consulting my handy book about all things knocked-up, I discovered that it is advised to remove "body jewelry" in the third or fourth month. Oops. I'm officially done with month 3, and on to month 4, so there wasn't much time left before that shiny ring started knocking my baby in the noggin or something. When I came upstairs to announce this new deadline to Sean, he replied "Good. You're about to be a mom. It's a little ridiculous that you have a belly ring". Great. Thanks.

Some of you may be reading this thinking "What???? I never knew that Kim had a belly ring?!". For those of you who I have horrified beyond belief, I'm very sorry. Including my mother, who knew about the ring, wasn't exactly pleased, and is probably mortified that all of my New Jersey in-laws now know what a bad kid I used to be :) But this is my journal people....for better or for worse!

I got the piercing when I was 19, and in my freshman year of college. I have always been terrified of needles, and would make it a point to cry and pass out on the floor whenever I had blood drawn. I was a good kid, and never got in very serious trouble. When friends were getting tattoos (ahem...Tucker's Dad?!) I was the one cautioning them on making decisions that would last for a lifetime. My own Dad even told me once that I would never get a job after high school if I had more than one piercing in each ear (I went on to get four more holes!). But Freshman year was full of trials and triumphs, unexpected pain and amazing new friendships. I decided that I had been through some tough times, and wanted to do something to prove to myself that I was strong. You know, pain that I could choose. My friend Chris and I drove to Morro Bay (about 30 minutes from our little college town, it was the closest thing to an "alternative" town that we had). I decided that it was the day, and Chris thought he'd show how tough he was and get an ear cartilage piercing. He ended up crying, I didn't.

I suppose that this trip down memory lane is purely self-indulgent. A chance for me to reminisce about where I've been, and where I'm going. I was always a fairly "good girl", with this little secret piercing that reminded me how tough I could be. Today, my belly button looks a little, well...naked. I guess it's meant for growing babies now, and I can't say I mind one bit. But I'll always have the little scar that will whisper that Tucker's mommy had an interesting life growing up, one filled with courage and great things, that's only going to grow as she grows, and get better with age.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sneak Peek

What an amazing day this was! We had our 12 week ultrasound appointment, and what a life-changing experience we had! We could hear Tucker's heart beating so loudly, and saw our tiny baby's picture up on the big screen! Tucker has grown from looking like a blob (an adorable blob, but still...) to looking like a real baby! This is one of the pictures we have from our visit, and it's unbelievable how clear it is!

Watching our baby on the screen as he/she moved around, listening to the strong "thump, thump" rhythm of the heartbeat, was a magical miraculous experience. Sean sat next to me and held my hand, and we were completely awestruck by the beautiful images we were seeing. The doctor even managed to get the baby to flip completely around (by jiggling the wand on my stomach!) so that she could take the right measurements! Tucker was dancing all over the place, crossed his/her legs at one point, and even took a minute to wave at Mom and Dad! Keep growing little Tucker! We can't wait to see you in June!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crispy Tacos

This post has nothing to do with pregnancy, but I have an important announcement to make. IT IS POSSIBLE TO FIND SHREDDED BEEF CRISPY TACOS NORTH OF LOS ANGELES. Yes, folks....tonight we found the holy grail of Mexican food, right in our back yard!

We love Sunday night double dates with our friends Jason and Rick, and tonight we were headed to our favorite southern food joint (Hard Knox Cafe) when we discovered that it was closed. Not the way to please a pregnant woman. Jason and Rick were amazed at how quickly "sweet Kim" could start whining and complaining. They suggested a Mexican restaurant in West Portal called El Toreador instead. I could never turn down Mexican food, so off we went.

It was absolutely fucking fantastic. Sorry for dropping the "F-Bomb", but it is absolutely necessary here. I have looked high and low for crispy tacos with shredded beef for YEARS. Have not found them anywhere. And they were in all their crispy, greasy, topped with crema deliciousness. Oh. My. God. I will eat them every day. With the way that my food cravings/aversions/craziness has developed, I never thought I'd say that about anything for 9 whole months. Crispy tacos folks. I'm a happy 11-weeker.


While Sean was at the gym today, I did some of my own exercising by taking a power walk through Nordstrom. After being mildly disappointed by the lame maternity clothes offerings at Old Navy, I was ready to give up on finding pants that fit. Honestly, I was a little embarrassed that I was even needing new's a strong possibility that I'm not truly "showing" yet, just kinda fat. So I was feeling crappy about "sorta showing" and wandered through Brass Plum at Nordstrom. And mine!!! Super cute, dark wash trouser jeans! With (drum roll please) a SPANDEX STRETCHY WAISTBAND. Why??? I have no idea. The sales woman confirmed that they were not maternity pants. Just jeans for people who want to be comfy, I guess! They were perfect...and depending on how Tucker grows, will probably last me at least through my second trimester.

I wore my fabulous pants out to dinner tonight, and have never been so darn comfortable in my life! One side note though...pulling pants with elastic waistband down to use the restroom (no buttons, no zippers) makes one feel like they are back in preschool using the "little" potty. Just FYI.

Pimp My Ride

We have had such a beautiful weekend here in San Francisco! We took advantage of the November sunshine by taking Rylee down to the beach....but with a twist! Sean decided that Rylee would appreciate a ride down to her favorite spot, so he dreamed up the idea of getting a wagon for her! What a spectacle we were! Only problem was, she didn't take to the idea, and stood up the whole time. thing we know, she nose-dives right out the front and did an actual somersault right out of the darn thing! She was a little sandy, but survived the fall. All in all, a fun day....and we're really looking forward to some day bringing our baby down here to the beach (in a front pack or stroller though, since Rylee will NOT be sharing the wagon!).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Pregnant Thoughts

There are some very strange things floating around in my brain as I begin week 11...

1) I swear that I'm starting to show. Could be a sign that I wore my jeans way too tight and way too low prior to getting pregnant, but I can't even come close to buttoning or zipping things properly anymore.

2) Jalapeno poppers are delicious. Anything fried is delicious. Calamari appetizer, french fries, you name it. This could have led to issue #1 (see above)

3) I have been having some very odd dreams. I lived in a zoo and had to stay on the run from the mountain lions that were loose. We moved to New Jersey and I was so proud of myself because I knew that the 11 Freeway took me home to my new house (until Sean mentioned that there wasn't an 11 in Jersey, and they were Highways, not Freeways). And so on.

4) Lots of tears. Crying at anything and everything. Cried during Grey's Anatomy when the grandma was dying and the grandpa tried to save her. Cried for gay people when Prop 8 was passed. Cried watching my Roomie's video of her mother-in-law's surprise retirement party. Cried when one of my clients sent me a thank you note after bringing home their baby.

5) Migraines, nausea, exhaustion, breaking out, feeling "snippy". Week 10 was rough folks.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Great Student!

The nurse called with the results of my blood work yesterday, and everything looks normal. They were all routine tests, because apparently Tucker's heartbeat was so strong that they didn't even need to do a pregnancy hormone level test. Tucker is such an over-achiever! Oh, and Tucker's Mom? She's pretty smart too...apparently, her blood type is an A+! Who knew she was such a great student?!

The other news is that this family of Jews did not test positive for Tay-Sachs. For those of you who are not of the tribe, Tay-Sachs is something that they test people for if they are of Jewish descent. Except apparently, there are no Jews in Pleasanton (where our doctor is). He was a little surprised that we were both 100% Jewish. "You BOTH are? You mean your mom AND your dad? For both of you?" No, not really. We're big fakers. JDate was just cheaper than Um...yeah, Doc. It's not that big of an anomaly. Then at the lab, the lady doing the blood work is yelling to her co-worker, "Where do I find the vial for Tay....Tay something? I've never done one of these before. I think we have to send it to a special lab or something?!" Seriously people?! Considering we're thinking about moving back to P-Town, I hope they make some room for the Jews. They do have a Noah's bagels.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why I Love My Husband

Reason #392: I have been craving a "Thanksgiving Dinner" for days. Around lunch time today, I was feeling terrible and was about to go wander around Fillmore Street in search of something that didn't make me want to barf. Then Sean picked me up from work for an unexpected lunch date...and knew exactly where to go so that I could have turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing. That's love!

History is Made!

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Obama could run. Obama ran so our children could fly"

Today is a historic day. Tucker will grow up in a world where anything is possible. 10 years from now, our child will ask us about the first African-American President, and we will be able to say where we were when we heard the news. We will tell the story of his acceptance speech on a cold Chicago night, and the refrain "Yes we can" will be a beacon for all Americans...young and old, of every race, and any gender. This will be a story of hope, and change, and new beginnings in our great country. I am proud that this change is happening just as Tucker is entering the world.

In our family, we all see things differently. Tucker will have wonderful opportunities to hear both sides of the political debate. Tucker will be raised in a home where Mom and Dad ask questions, not just of their leaders, but of each other. We will encourage our children to have a strong sense of ownership in their country. To always learn more, give more, and do more. We will work to welcome all opinions, and to respect each other's right to disagree. My hope for Tucker is that the world will always present the same type of opportunity that we saw last night.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"