Thursday, April 30, 2009

Maternity Leave

Ahhhhh.......maternity leave. Or as Sean puts it "This is NOT a vacation. You should be resting and putting your feet up, not doing three million things!" Ummm.....ok. I'll see what I can do.

So far, my maternity leave hasn't been incredibly exciting, but it's been pretty damn relaxing.

Monday: Lunch with my friend Darin. Long lunch. No deadline to get back to work in under an hour. No clients or co-workers to be concerned about. Took advantage of being pregnant by having Darin run out to feed the meter for me. Three times.

Tuesday: Big fat nothing. A few minor chores around the house. Made tacos for dinner. Wow...that was pretty active and exhausting. Felt pretty fabulous about my cooking skills, even though the tacos were super easy.

Wednesday: Prenatal massage. Heavenly. Wanted to stay there all day. Met Sean for dinner at our favorite comfort food restaurant, Home. (Pot pie, mac n cheese, and bourbon banana bread pudding. I will hate myself for that when I get on the Dr's scale next week.) Loved how sweet and attentive Sean was when I showed up. He rubbed my belly and gave me a big kiss. Lots of PDA. Wow, maybe I'm not just "Frumpy Pregnant Woman" after all. Found out later that he was being hit on by the two guys next to him at the bar, and had used me to show his "straightness". Ahhhhh......I love the Castro!

Thursday: Slept in. Though it's not really considered sleeping in when you're up all night, right? Sean gave me a back massage as I was waking up. Awesome. Went to the little cafe together down the street for brunch. In the middle of the day on a THURSDAY. Now THIS is what maternity leave is all about! Felt like I could continue the activity level. Went to the mall. Found some great maternity pants with a stretchy waist. Some shirts at Forever 21 to make me feel "Spring-Y". Was feeling pretty good....and pretty active....until I spent an hour too long at the black hole that is Target. That'll completely F you up if you're 34 (35 tomorrow!) flippin' weeks pregnant! Woman in dressing room area at Target took pity on me and gave me the extra-large wheelchair accessible dressing room. When I picked up our dinner tonight from the cafe down the street, the guy gave me my lemonade for free because he felt bad that I had to wait. I guess it helps to look pregnant and ready to keel over.

Now I'm convinced that I could have the Swine Flu from being at the mall. I'll keep you posted on my diagnosis. Feeling a little stir-crazy, but still.....I'M ON MATERNITY LEAVE!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baubee's Corner

From Kim's Mom Barbara, Max's Baubee:

Last night I attended a Grandparenting Class given by Sharp Healthcare in San Diego. Peter (aka Zaydee) couldn’t go because he was sick. So Baubee did it alone. What an experience! There were about 15 couples there – some looked old enough to be my parents, others young enough to be my kids. We were all given baby dolls to use for our infant CPR training and receiving blankets so we could learn the famous “swaddle technique.” Now those of you who know me well know that I have always hated CPR training. When I worked at the clinic we were required to complete adult CPR training every year. The clinic was staffed not only by therapists but by doctors – residents completing their training to become psychiatrists. So given that there were, at any time, about 20 docs on hand in the clinic why were the therapists having to take CPR training?? If someone keeled over in the waiting room would I really be the first one they would look for to perform CPR? Probably not. So I never paid much attention in CPR class.

But that was then. Now I’m going to be Baubee to little Max and I paid attention. Big time. I know exactly how to do it. I practiced like crazy on my cute little baby CPR mannequin – did the rescue breaths and the compressions, made sure the chest rose, checked my technique with the instructor. God forbid I ever need to use it – but if I ever do I’m ready!! And I also know how to help him if he chokes, and the importance of sleeping on his back, and how to get the police station guy to check to make sure the car seat is in right. I know how to swaddle him properly and make the “shushing” sound, and how to rock and swing him till he calms down. I know that grandparents have to be careful not to criticize, that a lot has changed since we had our kids, and that being supportive of the new mom and dad is very important. And I know from talking to other grandparents there last night that being a grandparent is just the best thing ever!!

So Kim and Sean, I promise to be the best Baubee that I can be. I can’t wait to meet your little boy. And I will help and support you two as parents in every way for as long as I live. Thank you for including me on this amazing journey.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Susie's Shower!

There's something incredibly special about going to your best friend's baby shower, knowing that you are about to experience yet another incredible life step together. Today, Max and I attended Diego and Susie's special day, and what a beautiful celebration it was! Cathy, Laura, and Molly are such thoughtful hostesses, and had every little adorable detail planned out perfectly. We had a great lunch together, played some funny games ('guess the melted chocolate bar in the diaper' is always a winner....vile, but a winner!), heard some great stories and advice about babies, and showered Susie with lots of love and great presents! It was so great to see so many familiar faces, and to say hello to Susie and Matt's extended family and share in their joy about their newest little Weiss-Campion team member!

How stunning and "glow-y" does Susie look? Isn't she a gorgeous mama showing off her belly bump??

From Birthday Parties to Bachelorette Parties to Bridal Showers to Weddings to....Baby Showers! (Dana, Kim, Janette, Sus, and Paula)

Susie was showered with such adorable gifts! Diego is going to be one stylin' little guy...he got clothes for all seasons! Susie has so many things to add to his nursery, and he'll be eating and riding in style too....with a brand new car seat and high chair. Grandma Pam has been working hard on some adorable crib bedding....and it turned out beautifully!

How cute are these centerpieces? From the clothesline of onesies hung over the fireplace, to the rocky road party favors that we all left with.....our hostesses thought of every little detail to make Susie's day extra special!

And look at these proud Grandmas! Pam and Ann can't wait for their little guy to arrive!

I feel ridiculously blessed to be entering into this next phase of my life with Sus and her family. They are so special and dear to us....the Weiss' and Campion's are so welcoming and so warm, and we are thrilled to be included in their circle of love. Susie and Matt are going to be AMAZING parents. They will raise Diego with so much affection, love, and patience. Most of all, they will teach him how to have FUN, how to be a great friend, and what it means to throw great parties! Sus and Matt....congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your little guy! We will be right beside you for every step of this journey, and we wouldn't want it any other way! Happy Shower Day!!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I've been asked by many people if I've had weird pregnancy cravings, and Sean is quick to remind me that I really haven't. Of course I've had a propensity for anything fried (jalapeno poppers, french fries, onion rings, calamari)....but really, who doesn't??

The only odd thing is that I've really wanted soda. Before I was pregnant, you would never hear me ordering a soda if we were out for dinner. I'm just not a sit-down-and-have-a-coke-with-dinner kind of girl. Lemonade perhaps. But never a 7Up or a Dr. Pepper. Until now. I've been craving root beer (caffeine free, of course). And even though I'm not an ice cream kind of gal, I've probably had more ice cream during my pregnancy than I've had in the last few years.

So what does this mean? It means that last night I HAD TO HAVE A ROOT BEER FLOAT. And my wonderful husband didn't mind taking me to Mitchell's Famous Ice Cream parlor where the line snaked outside and we had to wait for 15 minutes. There I was, in my sweat pants and fleece hoodie, with my 8 and a half month belly entering the ice cream parlor before I did. People stared. I was a walking cliche. I was THAT pregnant woman.

And the kid behind the counter got a good laugh out of my order. The jokes on him though. I've been drinking root beer floats with mint chocolate chip ice cream since I was 7 years old. That's no pregnancy craving mister, that's nothing but normal!


Disclaimer: This blog is about pee. Do not read if you are not interested in random musings about urine samples. This is my blog people. I will write about cute nursery furniture and tiny onesies and adorable receiving blankets. But I will also write about pee.

When you are in the doctor's office every month, then every two weeks, then ultimately every week....for NINE PLUS have certain things that you do to amuse yourself. For instance, Sean likes to help himself to the suckers on the receptionist's desk whenever we leave. Me however, I am HIGHLY amused by the process of leaving a urine sample.

First off, when you're pregnant, you get to go through the office door and into the bathroom when you first get there. No waiting in the waiting room with ladies getting their annual exams. No reading Good Housekeeping or Parents or staring at the wall.

For some reason, my doctor's office does not have the whole "clean catch" system set up in the bathroom. Perhaps the "cool handi-wipe" bin is hidden somewhere I haven't found? Perhaps this is no longer done and I just don't know about it because it's been a long while since I've had to be drug tested? KIDDING. They also don't have the lab-style collection cups. Instead, they use regular plastic drinking cups. Like the kind you use at a party when there aren't enough wine glasses. I kid you not. Except for one random week, when they did have labeled hospital-grade collection cups. Every other time before then (and since then), it's been punch cups. And a sharpie. I AM FASCINATED BY THIS. Now does one write their full name? First initial and last name? A note to the nurse? "Hi Gina. This is Kim S. Is this enough pee?"

So there you are, holding your party cup (except it's not for Pam's famous party punch with sherbet in it, it's for pee) and trying to aim correctly so that you can at least fill it up enough for whatever important tests the nurses do with it. Now all women know that this is a difficult task to accomplish.....when you're NOT pregnant. At my appointment yesterday I realized that as of Max's 34th week in utero I COULD NO LONGER SEE THE CUP. My belly is too big. I can not do the "bend down and check while I'm peeing" position. So how on earth am I supposed to aim? Or know when I've filled it enough? This must be a cruel joke that doctors play on pregnant women. But me...I'm laughing. Laughing at the fact that there is no ledge or shelf to put the pee cup on as you're writing your name, so you have to put it carefully on the floor, which means that it's only a matter of time before I get up and kick one of those damn cups over. Laughing at the "Lazy Susan" contraption that you put your cup in and spin it around so that it's on the outside of the bathroom wall. Laughing at the fact that I can no longer see the cup I'm holding when I pee, which means that the holding skirt up/holding cup/not peeing on your hand/not dropping your skirt in the toilet process is only that much harder.

OK. I'm done. Just needed to share.

Friday, April 24, 2009

34 Weeks!

Today I cheated on my doctor. It was like cheating on my hairstylist, but worse.

Even though my regular OB is very smart, and very qualified, and perfectly nice.....his bedside manner is not exactly spectacular. Those of you who are regular blog readers will recall that he has rolled his eyes at me, and at times acts like he's simply tolerating my questions. While many women hope and pray that their doctor happens to be the one on call when the big moment comes, I secretly wish that Dr. N would be on a nice long vacation in Hawaii when I deliver.

He was on a nice long vacation somewhere today, because I saw Dr. P instead. And I LOVED him. Loved him like I love root beer floats. Loved him like I love my favorite comfy socks. First off, he's in the same practice as Dr. N and you walk in the same door, but he has his very own SECRET SPECIAL WAITING ROOM. It's like the hidden kitchen at Thanh Long that has the secret special roasted crab and garlic noodles recipes. Only problem was I didn't know this ahead of time, so I left a urine sample in the wrong office bathroom. Whatever though. comes Dr. P. He measured my belly so accurately that it almost hurt when he pushed in to find my uterus (I'm measuring 33 by the way). Then he listened to Max's heartbeat for a nice long while (not the 5 seconds that we usually get) and explained the range of beats per minute to us. He felt my legs and ankles to check for swelling, without me even having to ask if I should be worried about it. Then he felt Max's BODY through my belly, and announced that Max was "head down, with his back against your left side and his butt up top" Sean and I were shocked that he could feel all that, and Dr. P explained that "heads are hard and butts are soft". To which Sean replied "My butt is hard". Dr. P also explained that the "kicking" I was feeling really low was actually "punching", and that Max probably (hopefully!) wouldn't change positions too much before delivery because there's not much room left to move around in. This is good news! Max is already playing by the rules and getting his little self into the very important "head down" position! I was so impressed by how seriously Dr. P took all of this measuring/monitoring/feeling around stuff. He even walked us through how Max was curled up in my belly, making sure we understood.

As if that wasn't helpful enough, Dr. P then shared all sorts of valuable info with us! Birth plans, hospital tours, jacuzzi tubs in Labor & Delivery, avoiding episiotomies if at all possible, why IV's would be needed, why I can't eat solid foods once I'm in labor, how to communicate my wishes to nurses, what would happen at our next appointment, and on and on. "I'm sure Dr. N has discussed this with you too" he said. Ummm....yeah. Not so much doc. Any ideas on how I can gracefully let Dr. N know that I am breaking up with him so that I can be YOURS? Dr. P took so much time with us, that I started asking him random questions that I didn't even know I had! He made us feel like he had all the time in the world, and when he left, he PATTED MY KNEE. Oh my god's......a nice bedside manner!!!!!!! Who knew????? With my luck though, I'd switch to Dr. P, and HE'D be in Hawaii when Max came....and Dr. N would end up delivering me.....pissed off and with his feelings hurt that I ditched him for Dr. P and his swanky private waiting room. Damn. That would be bad.

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Apparently, part of this whole "parenting gig" involves choosing a pediatrician for Max. No biggie, right? It just means that we have to make a decision that will directly affect the health and well-being of our son for the next 18 YEARS. This is only the person who will help us to navigate EVERYTHING that will keep Max safe, the person who will respond to my crazy frantic "Is this normal?" phone calls at 3 am (well, at least their advice nurse will). The person who needs to have the same philosophies as we do on important things like circumcision ( CA some peds REFUSE to do it!!!), shots and the autism link (we're going to give Max his shots, but I'd like to at least space them out), and more.

I decided I'd tackle this enormous decision one small step at a time.
1. Went online to see what peds in our area took our health insurance.
2. Two bigger ped groups in two different parts of town. One is right by our house and in the same building as my doctor. The other was by the mall. Mall docs were ruled out.
3. Looked at listing of docs in the practice I liked. Read some reviews online. Decided that "nice looking middle aged man" fit my paradigm of what a ped should be. Two to choose from. Went with the one who had a Jewish last name and attended U of M (because my mom and dad went there). Dr. F is our guy.
4. Called ped office. They no longer do 1:1 interviews because they get so many word of mouth referrals, BUT the receptionist was really nice and said we could stop by the office and check it out. Yes, they have an advice line, and contract with Children's Hospital for after hours advice. Usually doctor will call you back directly. Saturday hours. Doctor will come to hospital when baby is born.
5. Asked Susie to ask some friends in town about who they recommend. Heard back from Susie that her good family friend (who is a hospital nurse AND who has two kids, one of whom was born early and needed some extra TLC) goes to..............Dr. F!!!! And she loves him! Now Dr. F is really our guy.
6. Went to Dr. F's office. They have two separate waiting rooms, one for sick kids and one for well kids. 3 points. The receptionist was awesome. Explained that the doctor will come right over when I deliver, and be there to check on the baby every day we're in the hospital. When we asked about circumcision, it turns out that Dr. F and Dr. G are JEWISH, attend the synagogue that we were looking into joining, and will perform the circumcision WITH the necessary prayers. 10 points. Then they gave us our forms to fill out, and a book that Dr. G himself had written about all kinds of medical things that new parents should know.
7. Read through the "Circumcision Pamphlet" on the way home. Sean was 4 beers in after dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Had a major "Holy Shit" moment that we were making OH MY GOD...PARENTING DECISIONS. Sean pointed out that just walking IN to the peds office was a big step. I pointed out that seeing the registration forms that said "Mom's name" and "Dad's name" and "Child's birthday" was a total mind f--k. Because they didn't mean OUR Mom and Dad's names...they meant US.

All in all, what a wonderful twist of fate that we found Dr. F and his practice. Little Max, you will surely be in good hands! Now let's just hope they have good stickers!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Boy's Gotta Eat

Last night we went to a Breastfeeding Class, offered by Day One Center (for new parents). As members there, we get special discounts on classes and merchandise, and there is also a great lending library with soooo many books. Sean found a book about making your own baby food, so I'm excited to see how the chef of our house creates some organic smooshed up delicacies. Day One also has a nursing area, where you can hang out in the rocker and nurse your baby. They have changing stations and weighing stations, including free diapers and wipes. And they have lots of new parents groups, exercise classes, and so many other things to help you meet other new moms once your baby is born.

BUT...back to the Breastfeeding class. I promise I won't get too detailed here....for those of you who are not women, or for those of you who are just squeamish about hearing all about BOOBS.

A few fascinating facts from last night:

1. Sean was one of MANY dads there. Not like the first class, where he was the ONLY one. The lactation consultant/teacher was great about including the dads, and really focused on how they were a part of this process (as our coach, cheerleader, support person). I think that I even heard my husband say on the way out "I may need to take more time off work than I thought, so that I can be up with you and Max when you're feeding him every two hours". ;)

2. Sean was a SUPER STUDENT. When the other dads were sitting there like morons, Sean volunteered great answers when he was called on. He had answers like "bonding with your baby" that showed that he totally GETS this.....and my personal favorite, when they were talking about how breastfeeding can't be counted on as a form of birth control (and other dads were trying to figure out why) Sean announced "It's not like she's going to have time to get pregnant when the baby is attached to her boob every two hours anyway!"

3. The 'Boppy' may be a neat contraption, but the 'My Brest Friend' ROCKS. I was morally opposed to registering for one because of it's stupid name (AND because it was invented by a man), but we got to try them last night and I LOVED IT. Why? Because it attaches to you. And it is firmer than a Boppy. And it has a BACK REST PILLOW built in.

4. Lots of great info about how breasts and breastfeeding actually work. Milk ducts are like a "bunch of grapes" that need to be squeezed by baby's whole mouth. And babies need to be on their side, not on their back when they nurse. Duh, right? But not really. YOU try testing this out with a doll and see how well YOU do! It was great to actually PRETEND and then have the teacher show proper positioning.

5. Helpful at this point to see other VERY pregnant women all in one room. Other women shifting and squirming in their seats because it is impossible to sit still for two hours when your tailbone is throbbing and you have to pee. Other women who were all wearing flip flops or un-strapped sandals because their feet were swollen and they couldn't fit into any other kind of shoes. Women who were carrying bigger, smaller, higher, and lower than me. And women who asked LOTS of stupid, controlling questions that made me feel like a Zen Goddess about this whole BABY thing.

6. In true Day One fashion, we had free snacks and drinks, and went home with a huge (and free) nursing book and lots of other info.

7. The new nursing mantra, according to our teacher: "Put your baby on the breast, girls!" Said in her thick Irish accent, this seemed hysterically funny to me. Especially when she continued with "If you're experiencin' pain, something is wrong"....except her Irish accent made it sound like she was saying "If you're experiencin' PEE-IN, something is wrong"!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Can You Feel That?!

Max has been moving around so much lately! I can still feel him kick pretty regularly, but because his little apartment is getting much smaller (well, it's actually because he's getting much bigger!) I'm finally starting to feel lots of rolls and waves as he moves his whole body around!

As I was typing a few minutes ago, Sean was able to feel the outline of Max's back (or was it his head? or his butt?) along the side of my belly. Then he could SEE my belly shake and move as Max did a little dance and had some hiccups. Max is big enough that I can feel him push himself up into my ribs AND kick my bladder at the SAME time!

This past week, Max even said his first official "Hello" to my mom, Nancy, and Katie. Katie felt him move while we were having paella at dinner. She reached over to feel him kick and he gave her a good, strong "thump". Nancy felt his spine tucked into the side of my belly, and got some kicks hello. My mom felt thumps and rolls, and felt Max move into his favorite spot (pressed up against my right much so that my belly gets lopsided!). Apparently he really liked the French food that we had last night, because when she reached over to feel my belly at the restaurant, he was going nuts! At one point, Sean came over to feel too....which caused a bit of a spectacle in the restaurant..."Don't worry people, I am NOT going into labor next to the escargot and the french onion soup!

My mom and Nancy were able to talk to Max....and I'm sure he heard them too! Sean has been making a point of telling Max very important life lessons at night. Things like baseball stats, what sports he should play when he gets bigger, and a few political lessons that I refuse to post here. He's talked to him about how he'll be a great sleeper, and he's told him about Rylee.

I can only imagine what the next 6-ish weeks will hold for all of us. Just when I think it's impossible to get any bigger....I get bigger. Just when I start feeling like I am still SO far away from June 5th....I realize that OH MY GOD IT'S ALMOST MAY AND MAY IS ALMOST JUNE AND MY BOOKS SAY THAT I AM GOING TO HAVE THIS BABY IN A MONTH AND A HALF AND THAT IS SOOOOO SOON!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention, that after months of saying "I'll do that when I go on maternity leave" or "you're not supposed to worry about that until you're well into your third trimester" I'm realizing that I HAVE ARRIVED at that time! I really should start thinking about packing a hospital bag/going to my childbirth classes/making a list of people to text-email-call when Max is born/take some maternity photos/figure out how to put the stroller together...and the list goes on! OK, I'll tackle those tasks. Just as soon as I take a nap and have a popsicle.

Spring Break!

Max got to spend the week celebrating Spring Break with Aunt Katie and Uncle Scott.....and we had so much fun!

We hit the mall, found some great restaurants in SF, saw the movie '17 Again', met up with friends for lunches, battled the voice system on our new car, and shared lots of funny memories of when we were all a lot younger.

I can't wait for Max to learn about life from Aunt Katie and Uncle Scott. He'll learn how to surf, how to tell funny jokes, how to chat on Facebook, how to play the piano, and so many other things. They'll help him with homework, teach him some Spanish, and make sure that he's wearing cool outfits. I bet he'll have Katie's love of desserts (mmm....lemonade popsicles!) and Scottie's love of good Mexican food (especially if it's from Taco Surf). They'll both make him laugh, teach him how to swim, and tell him stories about our family and all of the fun things to come.

Thanks Scott and Katie, for a wonderful week!

More Pictures....

Kim with her mom (Max's Baubee)The Roomies from 13C with soon-to-be Baubee and Grandma!

Check out these lovely baby bumps! HELLO third trimester!
Look how far Yosemite Hall has come! Susie, Dana, Kim, and Anna (who was a wonderful surprise at the shower!)

Kim, and soon-to-be Aunt Katie and Grandma Nancy!

Shower Pictures

So many wonderful presents....our friends and family know us so well, and picked out some really unique (and incredibly generous!) gifts! Lots of blue decorations, cool refreshments, and great snacks!
They thought of every single detail!

The party favors were sugar cookies that spelled out M-A-X!

This "diaper cake" was too cute!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Showered With Love

Dear Max,

Today was your baby shower, and what an amazing afternoon we had! It was surreal to be there as your MOM, to feel you move inside of me while we honored you and dreamed about what kind of boy you will be. I was awestruck by all of the love and good wishes that we received, and the way that everyone honored you and I, and your Dad.

Pam and Susie were thoughtful hostesses, taking care of every little detail and adding some adorable touches like cookies that spelled your name, blue M&Ms, a delicious lunch, fun trivia games about the last eight months, and even a celebrity baby quiz! It was one of the first warm (almost summer!) days that we had, and I was able to spend time in Pam's beautiful backyard, talking to all of the women who had come from all parts of California to share in the excitement of your upcoming arrival. I was so touched to be surrounded by strong women from all parts of my life. It was like coming full circle Max, sharing the expectation of you with women who held me when I was a baby, women who helped me grow, women who went to college with me, who worked with me, women who shared my adult years, and more.

These are the women who will teach me how to hold you, bathe you, feed you. These are the women who will rally around our family and act as our foundation as we grow together. Some of them will babysit you. Some of them have children that you will grow up with. They will all be a part of our lives, and we are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family. Even our family from far away was there in spirit. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and good friends sent gifts and cards, and we felt them with us in the sunshine yesterday.

I am so thankful for all of the people who love us and have rallied around our growing family to shower us with love, good wishes, and tips and tricks for how to care for you.

We're all waiting to meet you Max!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

32 Weeks!

I had my 32 week appointment today, and little Max is doing great!

The appointment was short and sweet, but answered all of our questions. I'm measuring at 32 this week....right on track. Though I suppose he could've rounded up since last time I freaked and made him offer me a "growth ultrasound". I asked about all of the swelling in my feet and legs, and apparently...."It's totally fine. You're not a very puffy person anyway". Really Doc? I love you for saying that!

AND I only gained ONE pound. ONE pound people! I was sure that judging by the looks of my legs and feet, I had put on ten pounds of water weight...but nope. Just a single "one please" pound! I shouldn't gloat though. My tiny little pound just balances out the MANY pounds that I gained before the LAST appointment....yeah....I don't think I blogged about those :)

The doctor also gave us a form to fill out to pre-register at the hospital, and suggested that we set up our hospital tour. I have two more rounds of "every two weeks" appointments, and then at 36 weeks I go to "once a week". HOWEVER, the doctor reminded us that 70% of women deliver anywhere between one week before and one week after their due date, so he doesn't see any reason at this point why I would go too early. Thanks Doc. Because we can use ALL the time we can get to actually put our nursery (and the rest of our house) together!

Max.....A+ for you today little guy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Passover!

Tonight Max experienced his very first Passover Seder! I have a feeling that this was the QUIETEST he'll be during a Seder for many years to come!

We joined our good friends Jason and Rick at Rick's parent's house in the South Bay (as we did last year), and were blessed to be surrounded by such a loving, warm group of people. Rick's Dad always puts such thought into the prayers, and writes his own version of the Haggadah each year. Rick's Mom and their dear friend Lane are wonderful hosts, and Lane cooks an amazing selection of "Jew Food" for all of us to enjoy. Matzo Ball soup, brisket, veggies, matzo kugel, salad, yams....and my husband ate THREE pieces of gefilte fish!

We all took turns reading from the Haggadah, and focused on the theme of "Freedom" this year. I was really touched by how inclusive Rick, Jason, and their family are. Max enjoyed it all too...especially when all 12 of us sang Dayenu, and Max was doing a little dance! There was something so peaceful and beautiful about experiencing our culture and our religion with Max. Sean reached over and put his hand on my belly for a while, and we shared in the wonder of feeling our son move around in his own poetic way. It made me think about all of the Seders that I had growing up, of the matzo ball soup made at home and the family traditions that we've shared. There was wonderful comfort in knowing that family and friends throughout the country were having their very own Seders, saying the same Hebrew prayers, and eating the same delicious food. We can't wait to share these things with Max, and to help him learn about the ties of Judaism that bind our families together.

Next year in Jerusalem....and next year with Max by our side!

Dream On

Pregnancy gives you wacky dreams. Last night I dreamt that Sean played football, and that I was driving him to practice. I even woke up to the memory of a detailed conversation that I overheard between him and his coach regarding offense and defense. Bizarre.

One of the great things about being awake during the night is that I can see and feel Max move when I'm just lying there with nothing else to do. Early in the morning, I was lying still and rested my hand on the top of my belly. Suddenly, Max gave me a little fly-by! I could feel him moooooooove across the very top of my belly, like he was brushing my hand to say hello. It was absolutely unreal. I had felt him kick my hand before, and had felt the rolling movements from the inside, but never from the outside. Then I realized that if I looked hard enough, I could actually SEE him move. Either a kick would make my belly bounce, or a roll would make a little wave beneath my skin. Pretty amazing.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Exhaustion...It's What's For Breakfast.

1 am: wake up to pee. rearrange pillows.

3 am: wake up with horrible leg cramp. wake Sean up. cramp goes away, then returns. have to pee. limp to bathroom to pee. rearrange pillows.

5 am: wake up to pee. rearrange pillows. stretch legs because now I'm terrified of leg cramps.

7:30 am: alarm goes off. hit snooze.

7:45 am: alarm goes off. hit snooze.

8:00 am: alarm goes off. hit snooze.

8:10 am: Max is kicking me so hard that I start laughing. And I have to pee. Prop myself up in bed so the "pee feeling" goes away, and Sean puts his hand on my belly to feel Max kick for a while. Realize that we probably COULD SEE him kick if we were watching my stomach instead of falling back to sleep. Then again, he's kicking so low sometimes that Sean would have to sit up to look. Because clearly I can not see (and have not seen) the "under side" of my huge belly for quite some time now.

8:15 am: Stumble downstairs. Realize that if I want to have time to shower, I will not be blow-drying my hair this morning. Oh well. It's raining anyway. Rest my head on the shower wall for a few minutes. While shaving my legs I realize that my legs/ankles/feet are HUGE. Oh my god. I am going to swell to death. Is this a normal part of being pregnant? Quick check of my face and hands when I get out of the shower. The books say that if you're going to swell to death your face and hands will swell first. So far so good.

9:15 am: The clothing process begins. What goes with a wet-hair ponytail? Settle on layers that can be removed, because even though it's freezing cold today, I will be boiling by mid-afternoon. Shoes. Please god let it just be next week so that I can wear flip-flops EVERY DAY.

10:00 am: Stumble into the office. Heat up my tea/soy milk concoction in the microwave. Notice the odd smell this creates and think to myself that "It's just smells like marshmallows". While drinking tea at my desk ten minutes later, realize that one whole side of the paper cup is BLACK. And the marshmallow smell? That was the smell of BURNT marshmallows. You know, like when they're on fire and you have to blow them out? Yep...apparently I had been about 3 seconds away from my cup catching on fire in the microwave. Compose a few emails to clients. Proof-read them and realize that they do not make ANY sense. Check email for a while until my brain re-sets itself. Ahhhh....pregnancy brain.

Now, circa 3:30 pm, I am ready to put my head down on my desk and have a good long nap. I've tried all the tricks to stay awake. Walked to Starbucks in the freezing cold, hoping that it would start raining on me. Drank a strawberry lemonade for a sugar rush (Max sure loved it...HE'S wide awake, but I'm about to pass out.) Waiting patiently for 5 o'clock, and reminding myself that (say it with me all you new mamas out there) "This is NOTHING compared to how tired I'll be when the baby comes home!"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fro Yo Date

One of the saving graces about being pregnant at the exact same time as your best friend, is that you can email each other during the day about VERY important pregnancy-related issues.

Like the email that I got from Sus last week.....which was a detailed description of the new frozen yogurt store in P-Town. Katie...this is exactly like the place by your house that we LOVE. 1o different fro-yo flavors, and a MILLION different do-it-yourself toppings!

Even though we had just had a huge dinner, who could stop us from cruising by for some cookies n cream yogurt topped with Cap'n Crunch, Kit Kat, gummi bears, three blackberries, and some cheesecake bites?? Uh-huh.....I'm PREGNANT, people!

Had to get a shot of us holding our pregnant bellies in one hand and our fro-yo in the other!

But the best part was when we took this shot of Dad 1 and Dad 2....or as Matt referred to the two of them at dinner, "The Inseminators". Yes folks, they are so overjoyed at how amazing their wives....I mean lives.....are, that they are holding hands, relishing every moment of excitement about being new dads and new neighbors.

Diego's Digs

We had a great time hanging out with Susie and Matt tonight, and we were so inspired by their adorable nursery!! They did such an awesome job on Diego's room, that we wanted to share it with all of you! From the beautiful crib and changing table, to the classic (yet cool!) paint job....the sun-filled room just exudes warmth and makes you want to smile! Grandma Pam is working on the finishing touches with their bedding set and window coverings, and there's a splash of red coming when their bookshelf is ready.....but they're sure getting close to being done! And doesn't that pregnant mama look great relaxing in the rocking chair?! Great job guys!

Let's Do The Time Warp Agaaaaaiiinn!

"It's just a jump to the left...
And a step to the riiiiiiighhht.
Put your hands on your hips....
And bring your knees in tiiiiighhhht....." that was my FORMER life. But it felt like the Time Warp today when we stepped into Babies R Us around 1:30, and emerged THREE AND A HALF HOURS LATER. I think we may have lost a good four years of our lives in there today! That place is a black hole of baby supplies....especially when you're armed with a registry gun, and able to ZAP things at will.

It all started out innocently enough. We found some cute wall letters that spelled M-A-X. We found some crib sheets that were modern and simple. Zap. A hamper. Zap. Some pee pads so the kid doesn't pee (poop, or puke) through the modern and simple sheets. Zap. Then we ventured over to the nursery furniture.....and this is where it started to get rough. We thought we knew which crib and changing table we wanted, and all we were going to do was BUY IT. But...wait....what about this one? Oooh....or this one? So we sat down for a good half hour and called my mom, who looked up the new cribs online to check out their safety ratings. And then we compared different colors. Chocolate brown. Cherry brown. Espresso brown. This one looks too shaky. This one looks too big. This one looks juuuust right. And you have ONE left in stock? It's meant to be! We'll take it! Finally settled on a great crib from Babi Italia, the brand that was our first choice originally, but in a different model. But we didn't love the matching changing table. What's that, Babies R Us? You said if we drink the Kool Aid...I mean, spend $500.....we get the mattress for free? Well in that case....we like THIS changing table (different brand, different shade of brown, but what the hey....Max is a modern kid). Ring it up!

At this point we were delirious. We stumbled through the mobile section. Daddy loves the sports one.....zap. While we're at it, what newborn doesn't need a baseball nightlight? Zap. Add a few practical things, like baby laundry detergent and a headrest thingie for the carseat....zap zap. Wait, Sean....come back over here! Oh fine....why not add some rattles that look like the characters from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and a Cookie Monster teething toy? Zap. Zap. Zap...

Now we know exactly why they hand you the registry gun, followed by "There are drinks and snacks to the left, if you need them." Get. Us. Outta. Here.

Even though Sean is sound asleep right now, and I'm typing deliriously while sprawled on our couch.....we've practically furnished Max's nursery!!!!! With our crib (tucked neatly away in Sus and Matt's garage....thanks guys!), our changing table (officially ordered), and our new glider/recliner (on it's way too) we are sooooo much closer to having a cozy little nursery for Max! Even though I can no longer feel my feet.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Thoughts of a Pregnant Woman

  • Max is kicking the crap out of me. I love it, but it is WEIRD. And it's not just a kick here and there, sometimes it's a whole Bob Fosse routine that feels like fireworks are going off in my belly. I love that Sean can feel Max's kicks from the outside now. But every time he kicks hard, I start laughing....and then look around to see if anyone else noticed!
  • Sean has been such an awesome partner through all of this. He is kind and considerate and patient when I am exhausted and can't.....take.....another.....step. He gets mad when I work too much and reminds me that the baby and my health are a priority. He cooks for us (and is in the kitchen making caramel brownies right now when I told him to buy them so that I could make them for HIM). He brings me stuff when I am on the couch. He lets me sleep all weekend if I need to. He carries the groceries. Yesterday he said that he liked it when I wore tight shirts that showed off how pregnant I am, and today he noticed that "it's really only your belly that's growing.....the sides of you are still the same". He plans our days and weekends around how much rest I might need, and what will be the least amount of stress on us. And he is constantly dreaming with me about what our life will be like when Max arrives. I am SO freakin' lucky.
  • I love grapes. I know that this seems small compared to the last paragraph (and it is), but these are my random thoughts. Except I've noticed that grapes make you have to pee more. Do not eat grapes before you go to bed.
  • I am so pregnant now that everyone and their mother comments on my pregnancy. People I have never met before give me unsolicited advice and tell me their stories. It's quite strange, but also strangely validating. I guess I'm still surprised that people can tell I'm pregnant?!
  • I'm still wearing shirts from Forever 21, but with maternity tanks and camis underneath. However, I have the sinking feeling that this will not last my entire pregnancy. I did find a white skirt at Motherhood Maternity last weekend, and for those of you who have known me for a will remember that EVERY SPRING AND SUMMER I wear the same white skirt OVER AND OVER. I love my white skirt. And now I have one that fits my belly! Bring on the sunshine!
  • I do not have stretch marks yet. This might be TMI, but whatever, this is my blog. I check every day to see if they have appeared. And the simple act of writing this and putting it out into the universe means that I will probably get them tomorrow, but for's regular lotion or body oil every day, even though I've heard that it doesn't always make a difference because stretch marks are genetic. (Side note: My prenatal massage therapist--who is also a doula--reminded me that they are genetic and asked if my mom OR MOTHER IN LAW had them. Now people, I may have only gotten a C in Genetics in college, but whether or not my mother in law had stretch marks DOES not affect whether or not I will! The funny thing about pregnancy brain is that for a minute, I actually considered this. And then had the "Are you stupid?" conversation with myself.) You can, however, see my blue veins through my translucent skin. Fun. And as I was reading this post to my lovely husband who I was gushing over a second ago, he joked "Well maybe you just had some extra room there to begin with". And then gave me a hard time for not understanding he was KIDDING. Uh-huh.
  • I can still shave my legs. I can't, however, paint my toes. All the more reason to go get a pedicure.

That's all for brownies are almost done......

Comedy Show

Sean and I were in the checkout line at Safeway tonight, and after we had paid for our groceries the guy handed us our receipt and said:

"Thank you Mr. Simon.....and Mrs. Simon"

to which Sean replied "Oh....she's not my wife. She's just the mother of my child"

Really funny, except for the 8 year old with the freckles and thick glasses who was behind us and heard EVERYTHING. You should have seen how far his jaw dropped!