Who The Heck Is In Charge Here?

In case you were wondering who was driving this bus to CrazyTown, let me introduce you to Max's folks.

I'm Kim, and I'm the mom.  I'm currently the stay-at-home, attachment-parenting, politically liberal, sometimes shy in public but really loud and brave in bloggy-world type of mom that I once hated.  Before I had a kid of my own.  And now it's really fun to bug people with my stories about c-sections and how my perfectly perfect, beautiful little boy likes to throw up at random times.  Really though.  This is a love letter to Max.  Because being his mom has finally shown me what I want to be when I grow up.

Prior to being Max's Mom, I had a long and relevant career in Social Services.  I helped parents and kids who had gone through trauma, worked as a crisis counselor with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and worked with both birth and adoptive families going through the process of Open Domestic Adoption.  My professional life has taught me that we must all "be the change you wish to see in the world".  Right now I am changing one diaper at a time, but I hope to lead Max by example as I teach him about the responsibility that we all have in caring for each other.

Sean is my very understanding, supremely tolerant, really fucking handsome husband.  And Max's dad.  He is politically conservative, gave Max the "active" gene, and works his Jersey ass off so that I can stay home with Max and go crazy enjoy every second of parenthood.  He is a big supporter of this blog, but rarely reads it.  As he likes to say "I live it, so why read it?"  I happen to know that he sneaks a peek every so often though, and when he does, his favorite posts are Max's letters to his Daddy. 

Max is our brilliant, gorgeous two year old.  He is the best of both of us, and yet he is his own wack-a-doo little self.  He is hugely expressive, and has a sound effect for everything.  He is constantly curious, and is happy to spend minutes trying to take things apart.  He is loving, and full of laughter.  He gives the sweetest hugs, and will always let you know exactly how he feels.  Our journey in caring for Max has included some bumps along the way.  Max has a special belly, and has been diagnosed with GERD (reflux), Delayed Gastric Emptying, and Food Allergies.   We may not get much sleep, but that just means we're awake to soak up every ounce of love that this little guy dishes out.  And we're also awake because we're cleaning up barf.  You can learn more about Max's GI issues here.

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