Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm A Local

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.....this is the life! Chillin' with my folks at the beach. Pacific Beach, to be exact. Mommy says that I can be "a local" though, and call it PB. Whatever it's called, it sure is nice! What Mommy? You used to have bonfires right down there??? Wait....I think I see Uncle Scottie riding some waves right over that way!!

Speaking of Mommy's youth, we had to head on over to Taco Surf, so Mommy could show Daddy what real Mexican food tastes like. Mommy and Tori's favorite spot just wasn't the same anymore, but this is a good second best. Mmmmm.....if I could only share a crispy shredded beef taco.....c'mon Mom, please?!

Uncle Scottie!!!! Thanks for meeting us here! When we're done eating can you take me out and show me how to surf?

Maybe they'll let me use one of these boards???
There's something about San Diego that makes me want to eat! Here we are at Hodad's in OB for burgers. This is just a dive, but it was featured on Diners, Drive-In's and Dives, so Daddy wanted to try it. Whatever Pops. To us locals, it's just a burger joint in a crappy neighborhood.
But while we're here, I think I'll have a side of onion rings with my burger.....

On second thought, I can't wait......
Oh, and by the you see me sitting in the high chair like Mr. Big Time??? Yeah, I was showing off for my Baubee!

Here we are at Mommy and Tori's FAVORITE place, Cafe 976. Mommy and her friends used to spend SO much time here talking and having coffee. And talking. Mommy ordered up the special 976 coffee, and said it tasted exactly the same as it used to.
Mommy, is this where you used to just chill?? In this seat right here? Hey barista, can I have a hot chocolate please???
Daddy, can you imagine Mommy hanging out here when she was 16???? Yeah, me neither....
Thanks for hangin' with me and my folks on our San Diego adventure! Peace out PB!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My San Diego Peeps!

What was the best part about San Diego? was the rolled tacos.

No wait, Mommy made me write that! :) And she's kidding!!

It was the people, of course!!! My family, my know, my San Diego peeps!

I FINALLY got to meet some very special people, and I'm so glad that I know them up close and personal now!

Here I am with my GREAT Grandpa Mel. Yep, he's pretty great! Here he is telling me a story, and I'm listening very closely. What did you say Grandpa? You'll teach me how to cook a turkey? AND you'll let me drive your car in San Felipe one day??? OK!!
And here I am with my GREAT Grandma Betty! She gave me so many hugs and kisses!
And this is our very special Rosie! I'm so glad that I could finally meet you Rosie!

Here I am hangin' with our good friend Patty. Patty and my Baubee got to be friends when my Mommy was a little girl. Patty has THREE boys, but they're all grown up now. My Mommy spent lots of time playing with Patty's kids when all of them were little, and now Patty can tell my Mommy all about BEING a Mommy.....cause little boys are so much FUN!!

Here I am with our friend Nita! Nita's little girl and my Mommy also grew up together. We went to Nita's house and I got to play there, just like my Mommy did when she was little! I showed Nita some of my crawling action, and I think she was pretty impressed!

Here I am hangin' out with my Baubee, my Mommy, and Nita....

Then I got to meet my new friend Lev! Lev's Mommy and my Mommy grew up together, and then Lev and I were born just a few weeks apart! That's a pretty cool twist of fate, huh? Lev and I practiced sitting up together....

Here we are with our Mommies....
And here we are with my Baubee and Lev's Uncle Daniel....

My Aunt Katie was so sweet to me! She held me very carefully....

And she made me smile.....
Aunt Katie and my Nana Nancy had a very special present for me. It was an elephant that my cousins Ky and Collin had when they were little, and then my Aunt Katie had it, and now it's mine!
Thanks for the snack, guys!

Hey! Uncle Scottie is here?! I'm so glad that he's with us on our adventures!
So when I was in San Diego, I got to do some very special things. I met my GREAT grandparents, and our dear family friend Rose. I got to spend time with Patty and Jim, Mindy and her family, and Nita....all friends that got to know each other when they first became Mommies, with my Baubee. I also met my Baubee's friend Karin...she was so great at holding me! AND I had a REALLY cool night with my Baubee, my Zaydee, and my Uncle Scott......with NO Mommy and Daddy!!!!! PAR-TY!!!!!!
Yep, Mommy and Daddy went away for the night without me, for the very first time! Don't worry though, I was in good hands! My Baubee and Zaydee re-created my entire nursery in their house, and I had everything that I needed! We had so much fun that night.....I tricked them into letting me stay up way past my bedtime, because I was having such a good time! But I did finally go to sleep, and proved Mommy and Daddy wrong when I slept through the WHOLE night.....that was for YOU Baubee!!!!!
I'm a pretty lucky boy too, because I got lots of great Chanukah and Christmas presents from everyone! I have some spending money so that I can go on a shopping spree, and lots of new toys and books! Baubee and Zaydee had such a great set-up for me, and then I got to take some of it home! Yippee! Hey.....can I come back and visit soon??? I mean, I could just sneak right in, and you wouldn't even know that I was taking a quiet little catnap in my crib!!! Then we'd spring Aunt Katie from school, and we could go get rolled tacos.....
Thanks for giving me so much love, and for taking such great care of me everyone!!! I love my San Diego peeps!!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

PRE Christmas, continued!

So like I said.....I had lots of fun BEFORE I went on my San Diego adventure too! Wanna know what I did?

Well, for starters, I worked on my "army crawl". I can go pretty fast this way. I'm a patriot, what can I say?

Daddy and I read some stories too......
This is my favorite story spot....
Or maybe this way. Who needs stories?
Here I am bustin' a move again. Note the bandaid on my leg. I was a true soldier and got TWO shots!

Now that I can move around on my own, I found my way over to the Caterpillar that Pop-Pop got for me when he was here.

Dad! Why did you put this rag on my head???
Pop-Pop and Pauline sent me SO many presents for Chanukah!! But before I got to play with all of my new toys, and model all of my new clothes, I spent some time with this great box!
Then Daddy wanted to see if I could stand up (with a little help from this box)....
He was so surprised! Do you see my Daddy's face???

Oh, and Daddy? I can sit too. All by myself.

So now you're caught up on my new skills. Hang in there....Mommy is about to write about San Diego!

I'm Back!

Hey everyone! Where have you been?

What did you say? Where have I been?

Well, to San Diego of course, with my Mommy and Daddy! You would not BELIEVE what I did was fan-flippin'-tastic! My Mommy has a ton of pictures to show you, but first.....

Mommy says we have to do things in chronological order, so before I show you all of my pictures from "The San Diego Adventures", I want to show you what was happening BEFORE we left!
So let's go back in time for a few posts....
We had a Chanukah dinner with Jason and Rick, and Jason was my jungle gym....

Hey J! You might want to close your mouth, or else you could get a little spit-up surprise!

I love my Uncle J and Uncle Rick!

Once I fell asleep, Daddy morphed into a Top Chef, and made latkes and brisket for the grown-ups. Here's Jason helping....
Thanks for all of my Chanukah presents guys!!!! And hey, could you leave me at least ONE latke next time????
We've got a few more updates from PRE San Diego, and then on to the festivities! So stay tuned!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hi Nathanael!

Last week I also had a playdate with my buddy Nathanael! He's getting so big and strong! He might be half my age, but he can sure hang with a "big kid" like me! I had fun at your house Nathanael! Thanks for letting me do some tummy time with you!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thanks Caleb!

Hey Caleb....I love the Chanukah present that you gave me! How did you know that I like to eat blocks?????

Just like you knew that I love to eat wrapping paper, I suppose!
Don't worry Kerry, I'm just keeping this seat warm until your little girl arrives, and then I'll give it to her!