Friday, March 26, 2010

Bein' A Boy

Sometimes I like just hangin' out...and these ottomans are perfectly my size! But sometimes Mommy pushes them too close together, and I get stuck trying to squeeze through....

Check out my new tents!

They're great for playing Hide And Seek!

Daddy showed me how to make a fort in our living room....
And then I collapsed it! Hey Daddy! Are you down there???


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's Eat!

I've been taste-testing some new things lately! Like this hard-boiled egg....

Don't worry, Mommy eventually peeled it for me....

I've been trying all sorts of things....yogurt, little pieces of broccoli, carrots, banana, and tiny "mouse bites" of cheese. I really love having toast with Mommy in the mornings too, and I even got to try a bagel the other day! I don't remember exactly WHAT I was eating here.....
But it was really good!

PEACE OUT my peeps! Hah hah....this peace sign is for YOU Kerry :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yes, I know that I am almost TEN months old, but since my Mommy hasn't posted my NINE month pictures yet, I thought I'd treat you all to a little REWIND.....
Here I am for my monthly "Chair Picture", and look who joined me!! My Baubee! And then Curious came to hang out too. I thought I'd give him a kiss to say "Thanks for stopping by!"

Seriously dude, you're SITTING on me!

Now that I'm big, I don't really want to stay in one place anymore.

Sorry folks, no formal poses for me this month!

But I will give my chair a big hug, just to say thank you for rocking me every night....
Stay TEN month birthday is this weekend!

Here I Am!

Since my mom has been LAGGING on my blog lately, I thought I'd fill you in MYSELF! So here's a quick recap....

I'm crawling SUPER FAST. I can pull up and stand on anything I want to. AND I can cruise around the furniture and go wherever I want to. Sometimes I need a little help though...

My buddy Jack and I sure like the same these blocks!

And recently, I've started to really crack myself up!

But wait, now that I'm in charge of this blog again, I'm going to make sure to post more pictures SOON!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Catching Up

Want to know what else you've missed? Well, for starters, you missed me trying my very first meal of tofu. Who knew that tofu breaks apart into a million tiny pieces when you try to eat it? Not Mommy. She didn't know. And who knew that tofu wouldn't sit very well in my tummy, and I'd puke everywhere a few hours later?
Not Mommy!
But on a brighter note, here I am hanging in my OLD stroller ( a new one that's pretty pimped'll see it soon!). Daddy took me for a ride to the park one morning over the weekend so that Mommy could sleep in. Don't I have a great Daddy??

And here are a few more pictures that our friend Natalie took at Heather's Bridal Shower a few weekends ago. My family cleans up pretty nice, dontcha think?

Aren't we handsome??

Yeah, my Mommy is pretty lucky....we know!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Is there anyone out there???

Yes, we've been on a blogging hiatus.

Not on purpose, it's just how life has fallen into place recently.

I promise that we will be back in action soon, but until then.....


And in case you've been missing us, let's introduce ourselves again.

This is Max. He's just over 9 months old now, except he thinks he's about 2 and a half. He's crawling, pulling up on everything to stand, cruising along the furniture, climbing up the stairs, and picking up food to munch on....

He's still very fashion-forward. Note the teething ring is an important accessory.
Looking very small in Daddy's big hat....

Max loves drinking from a big cup....though most of the water ends up somewhere other than his mouth...
And of course, everything's better when seen through 3-D glasses....

So don't go far.....we're going to be back, and bigger than ever before!