Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm 8 Months Old!

Max is 8 months old now, which means it's time for his monthly "chair" picture! But some things have changed around here, and Max is on the move! So our monthly tradition has taken on new meaning, and now we have to capture it on video:

It's a little tricky to get Max to sit still....but we came close....

Even Curious was mystified as to how big Max has gotten!

It was a little easier to sit still when Daddy helped out....

Turn your head sideways to see how much fun they were having....
In the last month, Max has discovered that standing, moving, crawling, bouncing, and anything else that requires speed and energy, is SO much more fun than sitting still!

I am in awe every day at how fast Max is growing....not just physically, but developmentally and emotionally! His personality, curiousity, and affection mean that we have new adventures together all the time. He is a social, loving, spunky, smiley little boy, and I am so blessed to be his mom!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


So here's the scoop, y'all.....TOMORROW I turn 8 MONTHS OLD! And I thought, why not squeeze in some BIG milestones, while I'm still 7 MONTHS OLD?! Why not, right?

So on Tuesday I decided that I should start crawling the REAL way. Yep, no more "army crawling" for me! I was up on all fours, and then thought "Geesh....I can move around like this?!" And so I did. And I did. And I did. And I'm still going. What Mom? You thought you'd be able to sit down at some point in the next 10 years? Yeah, right!

And then just for good measure, I grew two little teeth for everyone to see! Well, actually, as of yesterday, only my Mom and Dad can see them, because they're still trying to peek out. But one has started popping through enough that you can feel the sharp part of it if you stick your finger in my mouth. Maybe in a week or so they'll be sprouted up enough that I can pose for a picture and show you!

So I figured now that I've accomplished these pretty important tasks, I'll lay back and take a rest, and watch my 8 month birthday roll around! HAH!!!! TRY TO CATCH ME!!!! This crawling thing makes me pretty damn FAST!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They Call Me DANGER

Yep, you heard me. As in DANGEROUS. Here I am telling my Daddy who's boss....

See my innocent face? I would NEVER hurt you intentionally Daddy! Not really....

I try to do lots of dangerous things when no one's looking. Like climb into the bottom of my jumper so that I can bounce on the tray.....

I can pull myself up on my toy box now, and choose WHATEVER I want to play with!

I think I'll take this giraffe right here....
Or maybe that football.....

Don't I look like such a big boy, playing in this box? Although I must admit, it's good that my Mommy is still really close, so that I can't tip the whole box over on myself.

Mommy and Daddy had to put this toy away, because I tried to pull myself up to stand by using the top of it. And it almost fell over on me. Again, thanks Daddy for holding on to me so that I didn't end up with these damn toys imprinted on my head. Before I let them take it away, I tried to give it a "goodbye lick"....

All of this playing makes me drool....

It's really hard work getting into this much trouble!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Passing The Torch

Now that I'm almost 8 months old, I've outgrown some of my "baby" stuff! Good thing that my buddy Caleb is going to be a big brother really soon! His little sister will be just the right size to use some of my special things from when I was little!

Caleb (and his Mommy and Daddy, of course!) came to visit us, and we had so much fun! Caleb is such a kind, gentle friend....he's going to be a WONDERFUL big brother! We had a great time playing together, and then we hugged it out....

Caleb's baby sister is going to sleep in my old bed! As you can see, I'm too big for it now.....

Just for old times sake, I took a little rest in here to say goodbye to my bed....
And in case you forgot, here's what I looked like when I was a few weeks old and resting in my favorite pose.....

My favorite pose is a little "squished" now, don't you think??? If you look at the top right of the picture above, you'll see my baby swing. I took SO many naps in there! Caleb's little sister will surely like it too....and since I'm so big it won't even SWING anymore, we wanted to pass it on to her. Take a look back at how tiny I once was in that swing!

Look closely, and you'll see my buddy Caleb in the bottom right hand corner! He was making sure that the bed was going to be cozy enough for his little sis.....and that he could get a good view of her when she sleeps in there!
What do you think, Caleb? Will she like it?

Let me just do one last stretch before we give this away....

Ok little bed, I just wanted to say goodbye. You were a great place to rest for the first few months of my life, when I got to sleep right next to Mommy and Daddy's bed. I'm too big for you now, so go take great care of Kerry and Mike's baby, just like you took great care of me.....

We love you Ingalls family!!! We can't wait to meet your little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

On This Day

Dear Max,

As you grow up and learn about this great big world that we live in, there will be many things that affect how your journey unfolds. My job as your mom, is to help you navigate through every twist and turn.

Every year on this day, the 22nd of January, Mommy takes a few minutes to remember a day that changed the course of her life 17 years ago.

That was the day that Mommy lost a friend, and learned a tough lesson about the world. When you are much much older, I will tell you about that day. I will tell you about why it's important to make safe choices, and how to find a grown-up that you can trust at school. We will talk about fighting, and why using your words (and not your fists) is so important.

But for today, for this day, I will say a special prayer for my friend Mike, and take a minute to tell you about what a bright, funny, gentle boy he was. On this day, I will remember how blessed I was to have so many grown-ups take care of me when I was growing up. I will be thankful for the lessons that came to me after Mike died, and for what he taught me when he was here. And especially, for the twists and turns that brought me two very important people (yes you "Bogart", and my friend Amy). Had it not been for the chain of events after Mike's death, I may never have met them, and the journey of my life would have been very different.

Today I will take the time to remember the lessons that unfolded on that day. I will remember to be patient. I will remember to say "I love you". I will remember to try harder to give back to the children in our community who are scared and alone. For Mike, for you, for all of us.

We will walk your journey together little Lovie, and I will do everything I can to pave your way.



Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Politics of Play

Dear Blonde Mom from music class,

I'm sorry that I misjudged you. I was having a rough week last week, and when I got to music class early and stumbled on your little "mommy clique" camped out in the classroom hosting your own playgroup, I thought you were a little rude when you all got up to leave right when I sat down. Yes, I know that you all have kids much older than Max. And yes, I know that you didn't even KNOW me when you started your secret little group. Yes, I know that I have my very own set of friends there, who I always sit by and always talk to. And yes, it was the tail end of your get together, the babies were crying, and it was time to leave. You weren't even there for music class at all. But I was having a bad week. And being a mom can be really lonely. And when all of you left, and I was sitting there by myself with Max, I felt like I had to apologize to him because his mom was such a LOSER. I know. Sad, huh? Making new mommy friends is kinda hard sometimes.

Then you happened to sit next to me at music class today. And I said hello to you just to be nice. And then halfway through class, Max started crying because he was hungry. He's been on a hunger strike, so I knew that if he was finally ready to eat, I needed to hurry and make his bottle. Max was in front of me, crying. I grabbed the formula powder in one hand, and the bottle of water in the other. As I started dumping the powder in the bottle, I saw Max start to slip from his crawling position. First instinct was to grab him. And drop the bottle. And the formula powder. All over my lap. To the tune of "Old McDonald" in the middle of music class.

Blonde Mom, you immediately reached over to soothe Max for me while I jumped up to clean up and make him another bottle. "Don't worry, I've got him" you said. And gently held him and sang to him, and gave him some bells to hold. The mom next to me grabbed some paper towels, and another mom brushed the powder off of my jeans. You saved the day for me.

So thank you Blonde Mom. You made me feel comfortable, and a little less shy. Spilling an entire bottle on one's lap can help break the ice I suppose. I misjudged you, and I'm glad that I was wrong.


Max's Mom


The following picture is what Max looks like when he is ENJOYING a meal of "solids".....

And THIS priceless picture, is what happens the other 9 out of 10 times we try to feed him....


Our mighty Max is simply not a fan of eating pureed mush on a spoon. It could be pears, it could be carrots. It could be oatmeal, it could be apples. It could be mixed together, or plain, cold or warm, before a bottle or after, in the morning or in the afternoon. Before a nap or after a nap. We've tried removing all the distractions. Tried feeding him in my lap. Tried letting him hold the spoon, or another spoon. He could care less. On a VERY good day, he will eat 1/2 of a small jar of food mixed with 1 tbsp of oatmeal or rice cereal. If I sing. And do a little dance. But most days, he just takes a few bites and then shuts his mouth or starts to cry.

Here's what I've learned from our pediatrician, and from Doctor Internet:

1. He won't let himself starve to death.
2. He should be working up to eating 2-3 meals of solids each day. A "serving size" is the size of his fist.
3. Formula is still the main source of nutrition for the first year.
4. Teething can affect eating habits

Ideas, anyone?

And remember....he is 7 1/2 months old, and has NO TEETH!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reason #127

Reason #127 Why The Ladies Love Me:

My name is Max, but you ladies can call me "Spike".....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sittin' On Top Of The World

So here's the scoop on my latest trick....

I've been scooting around/army crawling for the last few weeks, and I can definitely get around pretty fast. I can go from a sitting position, to crawling away whenever I want. Of course, I can sit up without anyone holding me, without falling over, and I'm really strong and balanced. But someone has to PUT me in the sitting position

But just this morning, I figured out how to go from crawling/scooting/rocking on all fours to SITTING BACK UP AGAIN! All by myself! I'd been working on that for a few days, but was still needing Mommy's help to balance on the way back up. Then this morning, Mommy and Daddy were having breakfast, and I started to show off. Mommy said "Daddy! Look what he's about to do!" And then I didn't do it. So they turned back around, and I sat up nice and tall when they weren't looking.

Then they turned around to see me, and there I was, not on my belly anymore, but sitting up! That was good for a big round of applause, and some "Yay"s, and then some kisses. So I did it a few more times. Mommy wants to get a little video of me doing it, but you see, that's the special part about this new trick. I decide to sit up on my own, WHENEVER I want to! Maybe I will, and maybe I won't!

Friday, January 15, 2010

That's My Baubee!

Baubee! You're back! I have so many new tricks to show you!

Now watch me closely, ok? I'm gonna get down on the floor in a minute so that I can show you how fast I can move around! can kiss me first!

And then we'll pose for the camera........
Or maybe I'll try to grab the camera.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So Jack, I hear that you're going to be a BIG cousin soon, right around our birthdays! Times TWO! That's pretty cool! How do you feel about that?

Yeah, I think you'll be a great role model too. Those little babies will be VERY lucky to have you teach them everything they need to know! How 'bout this....let's pretend that I'm one of your baby cousins.....and you can start by telling me all of the secrets of sleeping through the WHOLE night! Ready? Go!

Well you see Max, it starts like this......uhhh...Max?  Can you come back here please?  I was trying to tell you some secrets!   Get back here!

Whatever....I'm gonna tell my dad on you!  And you're gonna be in big trouble mister!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Is Who I Will Be

Dear Max,

Your cute little face and sunny smile warmed up San Diego when we went to visit. While you are always the source of such joy for me, there was a special beauty in bringing you home to the place where I grew up.

I loved watching your eyes when we sat together by the front window at Baubee's house. Your little body is usually one big wiggle, as you take in the world around you. But you were mesmerized by the view of San Diego, as you sat with me in the chair that has been my favorite since I was a little girl. Your body was still as your eyes got big and wide, and you found a quiet peace in what was always Mommy's favorite "thinking spot". Max, you were "home" with me, and I think that you knew that there was something very special about going back to the place where Mommy began.

As we drove through the streets of PB, and walked into my favorite coffee shop, and looked out at my favorite views, I could almost see myself at 14, at 16, at 24. I was right over there in that window seat, laughing with high school friends. Walking right along the shore line, feeling the familiar warmth of the sand on a summer day. Driving right up over that hill to look at the fancy doors on fancy houses. All the time wondering, "Who Will I Be?"

Will I grow up to be strong and independent? Will I find a job that will help people? Will I be able to turn some of the sadness that I've seen into keeping other people safe? Will I make new friends? Will I do well in college? Will I find a husband who is amazing and loves me for all of the crazy things that make me unique? And most importantly, will I get to be a mom? Tell me God, who will I be?


And when I was finally a grown-up, I would always pick the seat on the airplane that would give me the best view of the city whenever I flew back in. And I would say quietly to myself "There's the Cortez. There's Mister A's. There's the Coronado bridge. Look at the ocean!"

Many years later, when I was lucky enough to be falling in love with the man who would be your Daddy, I would hold his hand as we flew in, and whisper to him "See those ships?! And that, right there? That's downtown!".

My heart was pounding with joy when we flew in to San Diego together with you, nestled against your Daddy's chest on the airplane. We flew gently over the city where I grew up, and grew wings, and I whispered quietly to you in your Daddy's lap. "Do you see the water Max? Look, there's the Coronado bridge!" You took in all of the bright lights through the tiny window, and I saw the reflection of your round little face in the skyline of my childhood.

Looking at my kind, handsome husband, and my darling, beautiful son, I knew without a doubt that I had made it through to the other side of growing up. I had arrived at the place that I had always dreamed of.

This is who I will be. This is who I was ALWAYS meant to be.



Friday, January 8, 2010

Feed Me Seymour!

Just in case you were wondering, I'm figuring out this whole "eating" thing. It starts with sitting in my high chair, and bellying up to the counter.....

Do you see this look??? It's one of my Mommy's favorite pictures of me, because it really sums it all up, don't you think?!
Now really, where are those pears you were promising??

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Show Me

Dear Max,

It's amazing to watch you blossom into a big boy. A big boy who shows his own free will, and is communicating with us in so many new ways.

Today at music class, you were sitting in front of me, watching the other babies. You turned around to face me, and held your arms up because you wanted me to pick you up. Just in case I didn't know what you meant, you decided to try to crawl up into my lap and show me. I love that you were telling me that you wanted a hug....that you wanted to be close to me.

I love every new minute of watching you become you.