Friday, February 13, 2009

Max, Meet Your Dad...

Dad, meet Max.....

For the last few weeks, I've been feeling Max kick, roll, and somersault pretty strongly in my belly. It's crazy to me that I can feel him so strongly from the inside, but rarely (if at all) from the outside. The times that I have felt him from the outside have been a huge surprise, but as soon as I move my hand back again, he decides to chill for a while.

Sean and I have had many nights (that's when Max is the most active....go figure?!) with conversations that go like this:

Kim: Put your hand here. No. Here. hold still. Did you feel that?

Sean: No.

Kim: Well just concentrate! Did you feel that?

Sean: Nope. Nothing.

Kim: Are you sure?

Sean: Seriously? I can't feel anything (moves hand off my belly).

Kim: Wait! He did it again! Did you feel THAT?


Kim: Ok...right there...stop moving your hand! lighter, or he'll swim away.

Sean: I don't feel anything. This is dumb.

Kim: Wait! He just did it again!

To the point where I started to feel really silly. And then....last Sunday night....

Kim: Put your hand right here. No, down lower. Did you feel that?

Sean: Nope.

Kim: Ok, just wait. he's not moving. Oh wait...

Sean: I felt that!

Kim: You did? Where?

Sean: Right where my fingers are, and then on my palm!

Kim: Are you sure? What did it feel like?

Sean: Like a little thump, and then a smaller one!

Kim: Are you sure it wasn't my pulse? Did it move in a rhythm?

Sean: I'm sure! I just felt it once, and then nothing. Max is an over-achiever! The doctor said I wouldn't be able to feel anything until at least 24 weeks!

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