Monday, December 5, 2011

We're Moving...Come With Us!!!

Our blog is moving!!!! So pack a little overnight bag (don't forget your toothbrush), and make the trip with us!

From now on, you can read all about Max's adventures (and my misadventures) at

The amazing Tori Porter (who, along with being a Blog Goddess also happens to be my lifelong best friend) has got me all set up at a brand spankin' new address. Same family, same stories about my crazy amazing two year old, but well, things just look prettier now. Let's just say that I finally look as beautiful on the outside as I feel on the inside. I mean.... my blog does. And Tori has lovingly (insanely?) offered to help me take this "mama blogger" thing to a whole new level. Maybe I'll even learn some Twitter ;) And how to spread the Max-love to lots of new friends. And you? My old friends?? Well you're the most important part of this blogging experiment! We'd miss your smiling faces if you didn't come with us....I mean really, you're the whole reason why we're brave enough to "grow up" a little now....

So come join the party at!

See you on the flip side!!!!

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