Sunday, July 20, 2008


This is where the journey begins. Tonight, for the first time in many years, I won't take my birth control pill. This is the journey to our baby. This blog will be many things. I hope that it becomes a journal, an inside look at how our family will be created. It will also be a letter to our baby, however (and whenever) that baby comes to us. We are ready for this roller-coaster ride, our little family of 2. We are ready for the unknown madness, the expectation, the awakening of parts of us that we never knew we possessed. Today is the first day that I will test my body to see what stirs inside. I hope that there are eggs there, and a warm, soft place for our baby to land. In a few months, when we begin to actively "try", we will learn what our bodies are capable of. How will our baby come to us? On this day, taking our first step, I hope that my body will carry our baby. I hope that it will grow inside of me, the way that S and I grew to love each other. Slowly, taking great care, and then full speed ahead. There was a coffee shop in the town that I grew up in, that had a piece of artwork with a quote on it. "Some are born to sweet delight, and some are born to endless night." I was always the girl in the "endless night". Here I am, with my husband of one year and a fully healthy, deeply loving relationship. I am finally experiencing my "sweet delight". We're on our way little baby..........

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