Saturday, December 26, 2009

PRE Christmas, continued!

So like I said.....I had lots of fun BEFORE I went on my San Diego adventure too! Wanna know what I did?

Well, for starters, I worked on my "army crawl". I can go pretty fast this way. I'm a patriot, what can I say?

Daddy and I read some stories too......
This is my favorite story spot....
Or maybe this way. Who needs stories?
Here I am bustin' a move again. Note the bandaid on my leg. I was a true soldier and got TWO shots!

Now that I can move around on my own, I found my way over to the Caterpillar that Pop-Pop got for me when he was here.

Dad! Why did you put this rag on my head???
Pop-Pop and Pauline sent me SO many presents for Chanukah!! But before I got to play with all of my new toys, and model all of my new clothes, I spent some time with this great box!
Then Daddy wanted to see if I could stand up (with a little help from this box)....
He was so surprised! Do you see my Daddy's face???

Oh, and Daddy? I can sit too. All by myself.

So now you're caught up on my new skills. Hang in there....Mommy is about to write about San Diego!

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