Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey everyone! Where have you been?

What did you say? Where have I been?

Well, to San Diego of course, with my Mommy and Daddy! You would not BELIEVE what I did was fan-flippin'-tastic! My Mommy has a ton of pictures to show you, but first.....

Mommy says we have to do things in chronological order, so before I show you all of my pictures from "The San Diego Adventures", I want to show you what was happening BEFORE we left!
So let's go back in time for a few posts....
We had a Chanukah dinner with Jason and Rick, and Jason was my jungle gym....

Hey J! You might want to close your mouth, or else you could get a little spit-up surprise!

I love my Uncle J and Uncle Rick!

Once I fell asleep, Daddy morphed into a Top Chef, and made latkes and brisket for the grown-ups. Here's Jason helping....
Thanks for all of my Chanukah presents guys!!!! And hey, could you leave me at least ONE latke next time????
We've got a few more updates from PRE San Diego, and then on to the festivities! So stay tuned!

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