Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crispy Tacos

This post has nothing to do with pregnancy, but I have an important announcement to make. IT IS POSSIBLE TO FIND SHREDDED BEEF CRISPY TACOS NORTH OF LOS ANGELES. Yes, folks....tonight we found the holy grail of Mexican food, right in our back yard!

We love Sunday night double dates with our friends Jason and Rick, and tonight we were headed to our favorite southern food joint (Hard Knox Cafe) when we discovered that it was closed. Not the way to please a pregnant woman. Jason and Rick were amazed at how quickly "sweet Kim" could start whining and complaining. They suggested a Mexican restaurant in West Portal called El Toreador instead. I could never turn down Mexican food, so off we went.

It was absolutely fucking fantastic. Sorry for dropping the "F-Bomb", but it is absolutely necessary here. I have looked high and low for crispy tacos with shredded beef for YEARS. Have not found them anywhere. And they were in all their crispy, greasy, topped with crema deliciousness. Oh. My. God. I will eat them every day. With the way that my food cravings/aversions/craziness has developed, I never thought I'd say that about anything for 9 whole months. Crispy tacos folks. I'm a happy 11-weeker.

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jason said...

For the record: You were sweet...your husband was...per his usual..grumpy...i am just glad that i was able to drive us to West Portal without killing all of us.