Thursday, November 6, 2008

Great Student!

The nurse called with the results of my blood work yesterday, and everything looks normal. They were all routine tests, because apparently Tucker's heartbeat was so strong that they didn't even need to do a pregnancy hormone level test. Tucker is such an over-achiever! Oh, and Tucker's Mom? She's pretty smart too...apparently, her blood type is an A+! Who knew she was such a great student?!

The other news is that this family of Jews did not test positive for Tay-Sachs. For those of you who are not of the tribe, Tay-Sachs is something that they test people for if they are of Jewish descent. Except apparently, there are no Jews in Pleasanton (where our doctor is). He was a little surprised that we were both 100% Jewish. "You BOTH are? You mean your mom AND your dad? For both of you?" No, not really. We're big fakers. JDate was just cheaper than Um...yeah, Doc. It's not that big of an anomaly. Then at the lab, the lady doing the blood work is yelling to her co-worker, "Where do I find the vial for Tay....Tay something? I've never done one of these before. I think we have to send it to a special lab or something?!" Seriously people?! Considering we're thinking about moving back to P-Town, I hope they make some room for the Jews. They do have a Noah's bagels.

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