Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Pregnant Thoughts

There are some very strange things floating around in my brain as I begin week 11...

1) I swear that I'm starting to show. Could be a sign that I wore my jeans way too tight and way too low prior to getting pregnant, but I can't even come close to buttoning or zipping things properly anymore.

2) Jalapeno poppers are delicious. Anything fried is delicious. Calamari appetizer, french fries, you name it. This could have led to issue #1 (see above)

3) I have been having some very odd dreams. I lived in a zoo and had to stay on the run from the mountain lions that were loose. We moved to New Jersey and I was so proud of myself because I knew that the 11 Freeway took me home to my new house (until Sean mentioned that there wasn't an 11 in Jersey, and they were Highways, not Freeways). And so on.

4) Lots of tears. Crying at anything and everything. Cried during Grey's Anatomy when the grandma was dying and the grandpa tried to save her. Cried for gay people when Prop 8 was passed. Cried watching my Roomie's video of her mother-in-law's surprise retirement party. Cried when one of my clients sent me a thank you note after bringing home their baby.

5) Migraines, nausea, exhaustion, breaking out, feeling "snippy". Week 10 was rough folks.

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