Friday, October 17, 2008's what's for dinner.

I can't wait until I have my very first ultrasound. Because at this moment, the only thing other than a drug store pee test that confirms what my body is SCREAMING right now, is the fact that I am EXHAUSTED. Sit on the toilet at 7 am and fall asleep with my head against the wall tired. Seriously contemplate the amount of crawl space under my desk tired. Refuse to watch Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday even though Sean wants to and he never wants to...tired. Call in sick to work today so that I can lie on the couch all day and watch back-to-back episodes of A Baby Story tired. Heart is pounding and I'm exhausted from walking up the stairs in our own frickin house tired.

Oh, and the foooood issues. Let me give my disclaimer: Thank god I am not actually barfing. Thank. God. Seriously. God. I really appreciate you. The 18 people in the workshops that I give regularly at work, they thank you. The clients that pay $140 an hour to listen to me talk....they thank you. My sorry-ass pride that would be mortified if my husband heard me retching up my breakfast.....thanks you. However. That does not mean that I am not reallythisclose to yakking ALL DAY LONG. Let's just say that prior to being pregnant, I was an eater. I love food. All types of food. New food. Old comfort food. Ethnic food. American grill. All of it. Now....on any given day at any given moment, any possible type of food...just the THOUGHT of a certain food.....makes my stomach gurgle and a horrible grimace slide across my face. The pita bread triangles on our counter today? Straight in the trash because they were LOOKING AT ME and I was going to barf. The bananas that sounded really good three days ago? Rotting on the banana tree. The bean and cheese burrito that was delicious last night, ended up in the trash this afternoon after spending 5 minutes on my lunch plate. NOTHING sounds good. Brushing my teeth makes me want to vomit. Smelling the nastiness of someone's microwaved lunch at work? An all-out assault on my senses. A banana-strawberry smoothie from my favorite Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf? Too sweet. The chicken that Sean made for dinner last night? Too chicken-y. And yet I go from barfy to starving in oh, 3 minutes. Tonight, my friends are Indian food and white cheddar popcorn. None of which I have right now. They just sound really good. God bless my husband, who was smart enough to offer up a snack of cinnamon graham crackers and cream cheese a few minutes ago. With a sparkly pink lemonade chaser. Perfect. Now can we order some curry?! Tucker is starving!!

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