Monday, October 13, 2008

Who is Tucker?

Oh my god! Do they already know that it's a boy?! NO, no, no my friends. Hold your horses. We haven't even had our first ultrasound yet!! But with something the size of a blueberry causing my entire body to FLIP OUT, I figured our little...something....deserved an honest nickname. Our "embryo" sounds too much like high school biology. Our "baby" sounds like too much of a fantasy, considering I haven't done much more than pee on a stick...even if it WAS twice. Still, our little, know....needed a name.

So why Tucker?

Sean and I took a trip to Nantucket about a month ago. We knew (well, we hoped) that our lives would change when I got pregnant, and we wanted a last "hurrah" of sorts. Nantucket was beautiful, and relaxing, and the perfect getaway. The trip began with a great visit to our dear friends in Boston, and we had some pretty funny talks with them about baby names and (ahem) "conception tricks". Of course, they are the proud parents of two absolutely darling (and smart!) little boys, so my husband was dying to know "how they did it". Literally. But I digress. So there we were in Nantucket, on a 17 mile bike ride. Yes, I was on the BIKE ride. Riding a bike. With a basket. I was hot shit. But right around mile 15, on the 547th UP part of the up/down/up/down hills, I was sucking wind. My husband, out of nowhere, turns around and screams into the wind, "Hey, if we get pregnant here on Nantucket, and have a boy...we should name him Tucker!" It was enough to help me not die on the last few miles.

Now, for all those tossing the name around in their heads, testing it out on their tongues....don't worry....we will probably NOT choose that name. There are so many other contenders. Plus, it's very close to "Fucker", and why would someone ever do that to their kid? But for now.....Tucker it is.

The other day I had an epiphany though.....what if it's.....A GIRL??? She's probably mighty sick of hearing "Tucker" right now.

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