Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Ultrasound Appointment!

Today we saw Tucker for the first time! (Here we are in the doctor's you like my stylish gown?) Our (very tiny) little baby was the most adorable blob we've ever seen! His....her.....heart was beating so fast and we could see it pulsing like a rapid shadow on the screen. I have to admit, it was a bit like that "Friends" episode, where it was hard to know what we were really looking at....but the doctor said that everything looked great! We are officially 7 weeks and 6 days today (based on the baby's measurements), and now we know that we conceived Tucker when we were in Nantucket!! OK, well...we were on our Boston/Nantucket trip, at least. It was probably one of the days that we were in Boston, but Tucker just sounds better than "Marlowe" (our hotel) or "Freedom Trail".

As part of our first appointment, they had to draw blood. I am not a good sport about this. BUT I was determined to make the sacrifice for Tucker. When we walked in to the lab I tried to warn the girl as fast as I could. "I pass out when I have blood drawn I need to lie down and you have to use a butterfly needle and my veins usually collapse and I'm really scared and I just want to warn you". All in one breath. And she says "Girl, you're pregnant now. This is nothing compared to what you're gonna go through soon. Get up on the table." And then she proceeded to take 6...SIX...vials of blood! But she did find my vein on only the second try, and managed to not have my vein collapse until vial 5. I have a nasty little bruise (Tucker's mama looks kinda like a heroin addict), but I'm feeling pretty brave right now.

We'll go back on November 19th for our 12 week appointment, which will put us a little further into "the safe zone". We'll actually have two different appointments, because our doctor recommends that all of his patients have a special screening for Down Syndrome via a fancy new ultrasound that a different hospital provides. After that, we will go see our regular doctor so that he can do our routine check-up as well. For now, we are hoping, praying, and dreaming about our little Tucker. We feel so close to him (her??) already, and will never forget what it felt like to watch Tucker's little heart beating on the screen for the very first time. Sean held my hand, and we stared at the tiny shadow that will become the light of our lives.

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justwine617 said...

We couldn't be happier for both of you. Each month gets more and more exciting, even for us. Shelby can't wait to buy pink or blue clothing. She asked me why we are looking at yellow and green. Even if it is a boy she would rather buy pink. We just hate the fact that you guys a so far away, consider moving to Jersey??? :-)