Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve! In the morning, we had our 16 week (and 5 days!) doctor's appointment. Dr. Nunes found Tucker's heartbeat right away, and it was a strong 160+ beats per minute! All of my lab work so far has been fine, and my blood pressure and other pregnancy-related things were all normal. Yay! Then we went over to the lab for the next round of prenatal tests that happen around week 16. Let me tell you, there was no Christmas cheer in that lab! The lab-lady was not the best blood-taker in the world, and she had to stick me a few times (and then wiggle the needle around) before any of my blood slowly trickled out. It didn't help that she kept saying "Your veins are NOT cooperating". Yeah lady. I told you they wouldn't. But keep hurting my feelings.....either I'll pass out on you, or I'll just hold my breath so that NO blood comes out. Sean figured out a great trick though....when he was rubbing my ankle through all this (because I was laying down), he dug his nails into my leg.....and it was the perfect way to take my mind off of dracula-lady who couldn't figure out how to get any blood.

On a much lighter note, we got to see Susie and Matt at their Christmas Eve brunch! We had so much fun celebrating with them, and their family and friends! Soon-to-be Grandma Pam, Grandpa Pat, Grandma Ann and Grandpa Barry were all there.....and so excited for both of us! Susie and Matt had put out a great spread of holiday treats, and we couldn't help but imagine what next Christmas Eve would be like with two tiny babies joining us!

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