Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yep....another post about food. This morning we've been getting ready for our Chanukah party tonight, and Sean bribed me with food in order to get me a) out of bed and b) in the car and running errands with him.

There is a place in the Mission called Dynamo Donuts. Apparently it is THE hip new spot for gourmet donuts. We have been wanting to go there for a VERY long time, but usually get the craving at night, and let's just say that part of the Mission is not a place for kids like us after about 5 pm. So off we the rain....this morning.

Three words. Bacon. Maple. Donut. No joke. It's like the best maple bar, with real BACON on top. My husband was smitten. Just for good measure, we also had to try the Lemon Pistachio, the Caramel Salt, the Vanilla Bean, and the Chocolate Spice. Pretty damn good. But not as good as bacon on a maple donut. Yes Peter, this is a destination with your name all over it!!

Oh yeah...we also finished our errands.....chanukah candles, challah, and folding chairs. Actually the folding chair lady stood us up and now we have to go somewhere else, but that's a post for another time....and does it really matter if we have chairs for the party? We had BACON donuts for breakfast!

And because this is a pregnancy blog....I think I could feel Tucker dancing in my belly when I ate the donuts. Tucker LOVES donuts.

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