Thursday, December 4, 2008

Steak and Biscuits

We adore our friend Mike, and it's been a happy coincidence that he runs a great restaurant here in the city....because we have been able to share some really special occasions there. New job? Go to Lark Creek Steak. Anniversary? Lark Creek. Promotion? Yep....we're back again.

Tonight, we went to celebrate being pregnant. Of course, we've been pregnant for 14 weeks now, but we wanted to share our good news with Mike. My darling husband has also been trying soooo hard to find a way to break me out of this horrible rut I've been in (hormones are FUN), and knew that a spur-of-the-moment date night would do just the trick! I have to tell you, as wonderful as it was to see Mike, it was a HUGE success to be able to stomach meat and vegetables again! Hel-loooo second trimester!

Who knew that Lark Creek was a pregnant chick's HEAVEN? I could finally indulge in a caesar salad, because they were smart enough to make it with a pasteurized egg product. We had the porterhouse steak for two, and the super-friendly chefs were happy to make my filet as dead as the pregnancy books said it should be, while cooking Sean's piece nice and medium-well. Then, the brussel sprouts with apples and bacon finally pushed me into the proper part of the food triangle! A salad? Brussel sprouts? I'm finally eating vegetables again people!! Tucker is probably doing cartwheels of joy! Actually, he's probably doing triple flips, because we ended our meal with an apple crisp and AMAZING soft chocolate chip cookies (with a vanilla cream drink to dip in). Oh yeah, and we had some potato latkes too....which were pretty authentic considering they were on the menu as "potato pancakes". Mike sure knows how to show the love to preggie girls....and to the Jews!!!

The only down side was the complimentary starter that came out.....goat cheese on crostini, with beets. Just as an extra kick in the ass, because I can't touch my beloved goat cheese and had to watch Sean eat both of them. Oh well, not their fault.

I may be back in the game here folks. Bring on the nutrients!!!

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