Thursday, December 18, 2008


There have been moments in my life that I can look back on, and clearly see how my path went in a very distinct direction, based on certain decisions that I made, or even better....based on pure fate and a little bit of luck.

Susie "My Roomie" and I were paired together in the dorms at Cal Poly, by complete random chance. If you are close enough to me to read this blog, then you know that for the past ten years, Susie and I have been "Roomies" and best friends, experiencing not only the college years together, but the "grown-up" years after that. Susie and her husband Matt (and their entire families) are not only great friends of ours, but they have truly become our "surrogate family" here in the Bay Area.

Random fate brought Susie and I together. It helped us to find our amazing husbands. It brought us both to the same area to live after college. That same fate has led to the most beautiful miracle that we could ever share......

My dear best friend Susie is pregnant too!!! For two women who have shared so many things (a bedroom, make-up, jewelry, clothes, favorite drinks--Starbucks White Mocha, favorite movies--Maverick, anyone? and "Nobody puts Baby in the corner", favorite songs--we used to "Roll Out" like nobody's business, teary phone calls and excited ones, dance floors, proposals, bachelorette parties and weddings, decorating tips, mac and cheese recipes, and so much more) to be able to share the miracle of life together, is a blessing that I am so unbelievably grateful for. Sean and I are so thrilled to share in Susie and Matt's excitement as they prepare their lives for their new little one. What an amazing gift to be able to experience this together, and we are already well on the road to helping each other through this crazy ride that we call pregnancy.

Susie is due about two weeks after me, and true to form, when we came over to celebrate with them, Susie and I had bought each other the exact same card!

Here's the congratulatory fist bump between Matt and Sean.....there was a really lovely "man hug" that we didn't get a picture of, unfortunately.....actually, it was a very long, very warm "man embrace". But you'll have to take my word for it.

Congratulations Susie and Matt! We can't wait for Tucker and Diego (my own little nickname for baby Weiss) to meet each other!

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