Monday, December 22, 2008

Star Students

Tonight we attended our first prenatal class, called "Healthy Pregnancy". It was taught by a certified nurse midwife, who had a great attitude. As in, "Pregnancy is one of the safest things you can do. If you're uncomfortable sleeping in a certain position, roll over. If you're doing anything wrong, you'll pass out before you can actually hurt your baby". Good to know.

When we walked in, we quickly realized that in the very small class......Sean was the ONLY Dad there. God bless him. He asked great questions, made the class laugh, and was so supportive. The funniest part was when we walked in and he found a seat with a nice fluffy pillow on it. "I don't need this" he said, and threw it on the chair next to him. Ummmm....that's for me. And the footstool that you're propped up on? That's mine too :)

A few incredibly important tidbits of information we picked up:
1) Flaxseed oil is good for Tucker's brain development.
2) Aches, pains, and cravings for junk food are perfectly normal.
3) My "round ligaments" are stretching. And I may go up at least half a shoe size. Bummer. I could have to buy more shoes!
4) Do yoga. Stretch. Avoid nitrates. And most importantly:
5) Goat cheese is FINE. As long as it's pasteurized!
6) When I asked if it was possible to have back pain this early, our teacher said "Absolutely. Some things that could make it worse would be your changing posture, your changing belly area, and your". Suddenly, the entire class looked down at my knee-high, platform boots and started laughing. Ok. So perhaps it's time for Tucker's mom to re-think her wardrobe....but only just a bit :)

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