Sunday, December 7, 2008

Welcome to my Second Trimester!!!

There is something magical and wonderful about finally entering my second trimester. I mean, doesn't it just sound like I'm SO far along? No? Well, work with me here people....because it sure feels that way.  One blessed evening when I'm not passed out on the couch from exhaustion....pour yourself a stiff drink and make a toast for me (I'd like a peach bellini, if you don't mind!), because I'm finally rounding the corner of first trimester misery!

Here are some fascinating facts about Tucker and I, now that he/she/and MOM are 14 weeks along:

1. Tucker is about the size of a fist, or a lemon.

2. Tucker can suck his/her thumb.

3. Tucker can pee. Don't ask where the pee goes, it's gross.

4. The placenta is taking over many of the "baby growing" duties.  Which means...

5.  I may not be back to my old self, but I am starting to slowly come back to life!  I've even done a few of my old chores (laundry, dishes) to the delight of my over-worked husband.

6. I am suddenly feeling less barfy. My list of foods that I can tolerate is slowly expanding again, meaning that Sean and I ate $70 worth of Dim Sum for lunch yesterday.  AND...

7.  I can go to the grocery store again!  Another chore that Sean is thrilled to pass back to me, especially when it occurs on a Sunday as he's watching football.  Only problem is, when I'm in the produce aisle all alone, and get a craving for tomatoes, I HAVE to buy them.  And the freezer aisle, with the popsicles...I HAVE to buy those too.  Sending a pregnant woman to the grocery store is a dangerous proposition.

8.  AND...according to the pregnancy books, my uterus is now moving above my pubic bone, which means that I am finally starting to "show"!

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